'DWTS' Receives White Powder Threat Against Bristol Palin … Again!

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Briston Palin & Mark BallasNo matter how hard she tries to put on a brave face and ignore the harsh and unnecessary criticism she gets from the public, Dancing With the Stars contestant Bristol Palin just can't seem to catch a break when it comes to people ripping her to shreds.

And it seems as though some definitely have a much bigger problem with her than others, considering a suspicious package containing a white-powdery substance was sent to the DWTS set along with a not-so-subtle threat. The note accompanying the package said, "This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show]."

And if you're scratching your head and saying, "Wait a minute. Didn't something similar to this happen when Bristol was on DWTS the first time?" -- you're definitely not imagining things.

In 2010, a package containing white powder was sent to the DWTS production office, and it was also believed to be due to Bristol's appearance on the show.

OMG. When are people going to chill out and leave this poor girl alone? And why do so many people have such a huge beef with her in the first place? I know her mom, Sarah Palin, wasn't exactly the most popular chick on the block during the last election -- but here's a huge newsflash: Bristol Palin is not Sarah Palin. They may be mother and daughter, but they aren't the same person, and it's pretty obvious that Bristol is only being targeted because of who her mother is -- not because of something she did to offend whoever these nutjobs are who sent the packages.

And even though the white-powdery substance in the latest package was not determined to be harmful, it's still scary that anyone would go to such drastic lengths to voice their disapproval of Bristol. Thankfully, the threat is being taken seriously, so odds are good that security on DWTS will only be tighter from here on out. And hopefully Bristol won't take this attack too personally, because there are plenty of fans out there who are rooting for her and truly want to see her succeed.

Do you think the attacks on Bristol are unfair?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

People are disgusting... and yet, many more will come on here and state how she deserves it. I'm not sure what is worse- the fact that someone would do this or that more people feel she deserves to be attacked, in any way. It tells so much about our society today.

tcm_mom tcm_mom

And I bet that the same people that did this are completely disgusted by bullying. This is bullying! If they don't like her being on the show then don't watch the show. Seems pretty simple. I personally like Bristol, and love seeing her on the show. (Even though I'm not a Sarah Palin fan)

jkm89 jkm89

Lol I didn't even realize Bristol Palin was still relevant.

Vickie Kelly Peacock

I am not a Bristol Palin fan,but that is going to far.If you don't like Bristol Palin then don't watch the show period!

11102 11102

While it certainly is a sick thing to do or even threaten, one really can't say that it's unfair for her to "be targeted" because of who her mother is when that's the exact reason she lasted so long the first time she was on the show. Much better dancers were unfairly voted off because of all the TeaParty voters who were voting for her simply because of who her mother is. 

Donna Sanner Kingston

I am not a Bristol Palin fan either but NO ONE deserves to be threatened.  She is just a woman trying to make a living and have some fun.


Darlene Wilson

Betcha' a mirror ball trophy that both were sent by either Levi's momma or that weird little sister named Willow. They're both unstable, I hear.

Tracy Starr

I find it very difficult to believe that ANYONE is not a BRISTOL PALIN fan!!  Do those who wrote 'I'm no Bristol Palin fan, but.............'.  These people may not like SARAH Palin, but it is VERY IMMATURE to make her child suffer!!


Leigh Anna Clark Young

How people can say that they're not a fan, or what have you, of Bristol Palin makes NO sense.  We, the general (& overly opinionated) public, do not know her.  The association is with her mother; can folks not FINALLY learn how to differentiate the two? 

..."This is what will happen to you if Bristol Palin stays on [the show]."...what?  the sender is going to turn them into a plastic bag or the white powder???  Someone needs a vaca!!

Janice Stark Cavallaro

First, Bristol may not be the best dancer on DWTS but she is giving her all. Some positive enforcement may be what she needs to move ahead. The one judge who should be replaced is that Carrie Ann. How nasty is she and her comments to Bristol. If there was an error in the "rules" it should have been Mark to get the "slam right back at you" comment. I'm disgusted with the judges expecting too much from the stars. Second, what a bunch of sickies out there to send white powder to Bristol. Grow Up!!

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