‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison & Justin Bieber’s Mom Are Totally Dating


chris harrison pattie malletteWhat do you get when you put Ryan Seacrest, Bachelor host Chris Harrison, and Justin Bieber's mom in the same conversation? A love connection, that's what. Ryan just wants those two crazy kids to find that special someone and he set Chris and Pattie Mallette up on a blind date. No, there weren't any roses handed out at the end (that I heard of), but Chris and Pattie seemed to have had a lovely one-on-one together ... at a Justin Bieber concert.

After the show, both Chris and Pattie tweeted about what a great time they had, and man, I don't know about you, but I can really feel the love between these two. And, as everyone knows, where there's C-list celebrity love, there's a reality show not too far behind.


I don't want to jinx it or anything, but how amazing would a Justin Bieber's mom/The Bachelor host's reality show be??

They could go on over the top, extremely extravagant dates in helicopters to private islands, maybe have a sunset picnic surrounded by candles, and cameras, and producers. We could watch them fall in love.

Then, drama! Mid-season, Pattie could take Chris home to meet her family, and her 18-year-old son won't approve of his potential new step-dad, and he'll build a bonfire of money in the backyard and burn it as a reminded to this Chris dude that he doesn't need no step-daddy. He's got his own money, yo.

Oh, it will be glorious. Then, of course, Neil Lane will show up and Chris will pick out a platinum and diamond ring -- Pattie's a traditional lady -- and ask her to marry him, despite that terrible floor-length satin gown the show's stylist forced her to wear.

They'll be in love for six or seven weeks after the show wraps, then Chris will realize he's not ready to be a father to the world's biggest superstar. He and Pattie will fight. Chris will leave, the tabloids will go crazy, and Justin will rebel.

And a rebellious Justin just might be what the world needs ... other than a Pattie Mallette/Chris Harrison reality show.

OK, we need both.

Do you think Chris and Pattie make a good couple?

Photo via PattieMallette/Twitter

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Shelby Cynor

I think they make the world's cutest Bachelor/superstar couple ever. And I actually think that they will make it as a couple.

Jennifer Spring Blake

What a strangle coupling but hey whatever makes these crazy kids happy. :)

Serafina Mazzola Tooze

I thought Chris was married? If he's not than yes they make cute couple! Good luck!

Audrey Roberts

I think it is a wrong pick.  He has seen what has happen to his people.  So he needs to find someone that is down to earth and not in the picture all the time.


Rose Engel

I thought Chris was married......when did he get divorced?

Joan Owen

Perfect duo, patty deserves some one nice like Chris.


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