'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood's Special From Jail Is Going to Be a Heartbreaker (VIDEO)

Amber Portwood jailAmber Portwood is one sad, sad woman, and her interview from jail is going to do nothing to dispel that image. The first preview for the special is depressing, indeed.

It seems the only person who is coming to visit Amber, who is serving a five-year sentence for her opiate addiction, is her mother. Even Gary isn't coming and she says every time she expresses any anger, he hangs up on her.

But the most heartbreaking part of the preview is what she says about Leah. See below:

Leah has no idea where her mommy is. She has no idea that she can't see her because she isn't a free woman and she has no idea that her mom really WANTS to. For a 3-year-old that can only mean one thing: feeling abandoned.

It's hard to even imagine what Leah will be like now when she grows up. It's easy to forget that these are real people with real lives, but the fact is, Leah didn't choose any of this. She was born to this mom and dad and this situation.

Even just watching this preview, I can feel the panicked feelings Amber must experience. I can't even imagine being somewhere where I couldn't control how often I saw my children.

Mostly, though, my heart goes out to Leah. Amber is the only mom little Leah will ever get, and right now, she is a mess. I am sure all Leah would like is a mom who is honest and tells her the "facts." Sure, Leah might not get "jail." But she might understand that Amber can't control when she sees her. She might understand photos and letters and drawings and recordings and whatever else Amber can do.

We may view Amber and Leah and Gary and all of their drama as "entertainment," but it's not. This is their life. I hope this special is more about the ways people can help them recover than about our collective feelings of superiority over these people. This is not a gawk and laugh moment. This is truly sad.

Do you think Amber is right to do this interview?


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nonmember avatar anonmyus

I was just recently in this same situation so I can say without doubt that my heart goes out to Gary. I had to explain to my then 2 year old son where his daddy was and why he couldn't come home to play with him. It was the most difficult thing that I've ever had to do in my life.

nonmember avatar Stephanie

It's not poor Amber... she makes these choices and when Leah decides that she wants nothing to do with her sorry excuse of a "mother" she has no one to blame but herself. Your a parent, grow up and take care of your responsibilities! I'm going through this with my 2 1/2 year old daughter, since I was 3 months pregnant her "dad" has only been out of jail for 1 month...kudos to Gary for being a good dad and being there for Leah she needs to know she atleast has one parent to lean on who loves her!

nonmember avatar Melanie

Even though Leah doesn't understand what's going on now, when she is older she can look back and see that her mom really did love her and care for her and she really wanted to see her, but couldn't.

nonmember avatar anon

If she really loved and cared about her she would have cleaned up her act a long time ago. She has been to jail and rehab before and she came out and still made the wrong choices how is that loving her and really wanting to see her?

fave82 fave82

I feel bad for leah but not amber. She literally choose jail. And if thats what she really needs to get her shit together then that's a good thing and hopefully shell come out a better person and mom. BUT Im not gonna feel bad that she can't see her kid when she literally opted out of treatment cause she couldn't do it.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

Who cares about what Amber thinks and does she a very selfish little girl

ajb246 ajb246

she CHOSE jail and drugs over her daughter, she has no right to be sad and not a single person should feel bad for her she made her bed so now she must lay in it

nonmember avatar jenn

Addiction is not a choice. People don't chose to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. People don't chose to have mental health problems. Amber knew that jail was her rock bottom and to get sober that is what she needed. People who don't know the full situation should not judge her. Everyone makes mistakes - no one would even say anything if she wasn't on tv. Get a life and look at the positive in the situation when she gets out hopefully she will have her life together and stay clean and sober not only for herself but for baby girl.

Tashinha Tashinha

Amber CHOSE to go to jail over a rehab program! so no, its not POOR AMBER. its POOR Leah for being born to such an idiot mother. No one else in jail gets their own frican reality shows/jailhouse specials. If MTV would leave her alone in prison, she might actually grow up a little bit.

Chastity Pine

I feel for everyone involved in that situation including Amber and Gary. However my heart just aches for Leah. That poor girl did not ask for any of this. I can only hope that one day she can rise above the drama that has been the center of her life since she was born and achieve only the greatest things in life.

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