If Rihanna & Chris Brown Get Back Together, It's Going to Come at a Cost

rihanna chris brownHate to break it to everyone, but these Chris Brown-Rihanna reconciliation rumors are sounding more like fact than fiction every day. First, there was the story of the pair having some sort of sexy dance-off, followed by a spot of bathroom making out, and now there are reports -- and a very blurry photo -- of Breezy and RiRi attending a Jay-Z concert yesterday (where they held hands!).

Personally, I don't think Rihanna and Chris Brown ought to get back together because of, you know, the whole "beating incident." But it looks like Ri is going to do what she wants regardless of what anyone thinks or says.

But she should know, this reconciliation isn't going to come without a cost.

I'm not going to get into why exactly Rihanna shouldn't get back together with Chris here, as I just said it above, and I think it's pretty clear why she shouldn't. This "cost" I speak of is how a relationship with Chris Brown -- a person most people, including her friends, probably hate -- is going to be exhausting for her.

Any time Rihanna steps out with Chris, there's going to be comments and controversy -- from both the media and from people she personally knows. Whenever she has any kind of bump or bruise, people are going to question it, wonder where she got it. And when she says where it's from, people will question that, too. This relationship is doomed to fail before it even starts. It's a recipe for disaster.

Rihanna definitely seems like the kind of person who not only throws caution to the wind, but who really, truly doesn't give an eff what others think of her (have you ever read her Twitter?). So, maybe everyone's scrutiny of their relationship won't bother her.

But she shouldn't think it isn't coming.

Do you think Rihanna should get back together with Chris Brown?

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cocob... cocobeannns

I think people should leave her alone and let her live her life. You're right, she doesn't care what anyone thinks or says. She lives her life for her, not for the millions of people trying to tell her what to do. And, for the record, from what I understand, they have mutual friends. Her friends are his friends, and vice versa. Clearly, they are accepting.

Aunt_... Aunt_ning


Then her Friends are idiots just like she is. Friends should never ever be accepting of Rhianna dating a man that laid a finger on her, let alone beat her horrendously. They are not true friends. They say Friends don't let friends drive drunk, I say TRUE friends do not let friends date abusive assholes

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

I wish they would both go away. They are glamorizing an abusive relationship and that is the last thing this messed up society needs.

If I had a friend who was insistent on getting back into a past abusive relationship I would be tempted to have her committed. She obviously isn't thinking clearly to walk back into a relationship that has left her bruised, battered and bloody.

Chris Brown is just all around bad news. He is the typical charming on the outside and abusive on the inside type of guy. If we hadn't seen with our own eyes just what he is capable of, I doubt America would have believed it of him.

You can tell, by the way he reacts to situations and the way he expects people to just forget about it, that he is still that sane guy. He will continue to beat her....and this time she pretty much deserves it.

Sad, but hopefully they will fade out of the spotlight so we don't have to watch it.

cocob... cocobeannns

All I'm saying is, quit judging her and trying to tell her how to live. She's grown. She makes her own decisions. I doubt anyone would like someone in their face every minute of every day telling them who to date, and who to be friends with, and so on.

nonmember avatar Lasy

I say let them be. If it's bad for them, it'll come out, if it's good for them, it'll come out. It's all fun and games when you can sneak around, but when it gets real, we'll see if they can handle it. This will be one heck of a lesson for him, her, and anyone else in a situation similar to theirs.

Jennifer Herry

Rihanna has forgivin him & they have both moved on! the past is the past. It happen they both grew and learned from it. people don’t know how to let go. Why is giving their relationship another go, such a ‘bad thing’? They deserve a second chance at love. Everybody does. Don't just sit around your friends grabbing a cup of coffee, http://www.edesirs.com/online-sexy-women-dating-site/, gives you the oppurtunity to flirt with many singles around.

Mia ITechchica Francis

I think what everyone fails to realize is that change and forgiveness are possible.As on lookers all we know is that one bad incident... Just because that one situation happened doesn't mean the over all relationship was abusive. They were very seemingly happy previous to the situation, so my guess is the relationship was fine before the big incident, but like I said..we all are just on lookers... The media just makes everything all to public & is constantly making up & spreading ridiculous rumors. If they have had time to reconcile and heal from their mistakes, more power to them. Let the people live their lives !

nonmember avatar Nina

I''m a huge Rihanna fan and I feel the same way to. Why people need to brng the abusing thing everytime back she was there with him not anybody else so if they want to be together again its just something between them to.
People should mind their own life and let them alone if they make eachother happy let them be together!
They're young and free you csnt just judge somebody without even know them in person.
I respect every choice Rihanna or Chris Brown make because its nice to know theyre together, it makes me happy that she's happy but its not like I'm in their relationship because it isn't my life.
So all these people need to stop.

nonmember avatar Danika

She's a big girl so let her make her own decisions. She knows what the relationship could potentially become and most likely wil again.

nonmember avatar Bakalia

leve them alone its her decision? true BUT dumb all around to get back with a man who abused you love or not respecting yourself to find someone who never would lay a finger on you is more important. she's young and dumb and her I don't give an f attitude just is a big issue with what is going on with today's youth and its sickening have some self respect to step back and look at the situation have some common fn sense! no one deserves what happened he maybe rehabilitated but putting gasoline near a fire which could be their relationship is dangerous if it happens again or worse than what? her own father respects Chris?! I could never forgive enough to approve rhem getting back together with a man if they beat my daughter what is wrong with people!??!!!

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