Scott Disick Disses the Kardashians in a Big Way

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Scott DisickOver the years, we've seen Scott Disick do a lot of low and destructive things since riding into fame on the coattails of the Kardashian clan. From drunken outbursts to peppering his girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, with half-truths and lies, he's racked up many an infraction. But now, he's reportedly done something that has the whole family so furious, there may be no going back. 

He ditched the family's traditional Christmas card shoot. I know, what a Grinch! And you'll never guess where he was instead.

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In Las Vegas, at a nightclub appearance. According to In Touch, he was seen there "smoking and drinking all night" instead of smiling for the camera. Bah, humbug! A source told the magazine:

When Kourtney told Kris that Scott wasn’t going to make it to the shoot, Kris began raising her voice. She couldn’t believe how disrespectful it was. Kim added he obviously didn’t care.

So eh, just Photoshop him in, right? Not so fast, because apparently he won't even cooperate on that front and make time to get his picture taken for it. Kris Jenner is reportedly "livid" and told Kourtney she needs to get some control over Scott and said, "Scott keeps messing up over and over again."

Yikes, you don't want to mess with mama Jenner. And just when she and Scott were starting like each other.

While it may be "just" a Christmas card, it's a family tradition, and his absence, however welcome to some, would definitely leave a huge gaping hole. If he can't make time for this important family event, then you've got to question his priorities and his commitment to Kourtney.

Disick and his reported diss aside, the real question at hand: Will Kanye West make the cut and be asked to appear on the card?

Do you think the Kardashians should be angry if Scott skipped their Christmas card photo shoot?


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Lovex23 Lovex23

I understand them being upset with it. He's a part of the family and should take time to be a part of this tradition.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Hmm... I'm thinking back to the Dominican Republic episode where Scott was expressing how he doesn't feel like he's a part of the family. 

JannaM8 JannaM8

They're not married. He's not a Kardashian. Why should he even be taking part in this tradition? Just because your family does something does not mean that anyone else should be forced to take part. How rude and presumptuous.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

he doesnt mind being part of the family when hes cashing in on the fame he got from them. Its a family tradition, even though they arent married hes still part of the family. & about him feeling like hes not...well, probably bcus of things like this...

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

It's a Christmas card, get over it. It's not like he refused to be there for the birth of his child.

BTW, this is the trashiest family. Obviously money can't buy class.

Maias... MaiasMommy619

I don't think he cares... And why should he... Her ass won't even marry him. Plus he is Jewish... He doesn't even celebrate Christmas...

Ashle... AshleyB1984

I think he makes a lot of poor choices, but I don't blame him here. His family is Kourtney, and the two kids. Also, if she won't marry him, he doesn't have to pose for a picture.

littl... littlesuzyfrog

Mama Jenner probably told him not to appear to create friction and ratings.  I've alwayshoped that Mama Jenner told him he has to play a douchbag, and reality he is just a decent business guy.  

And then I've always fantasied that he challenged the kardashians for custody to provide a stable and normal life for his kids.  He could move up near his parents, (which he always wanted Kourtany to do, or at the very least have the two of them more).  Even though they have not married, he might have a chance.

I wish this would happen, but unfortunately he's probably a douchebag.

2nino... 2ninos4me

how come she didnt butt in when he didnt appear on the cover of the magazine where his daughter was introudced ?! there was only kourtney and their two kids .. so is cool that he ahs to do as they say but he gets excluded when also desire.


she needs to stop meddling in her kids' relationships ! theyre grown up already !

go boss bruce around , like you always have

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