Robert Pattinson Can't Give Kristen Stewart the One Thing Rupert Sanders Can

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kristen stewartUh-oh! Looks like there's trouble in Twilight paradise AGAIN! The latest dip on the Kristen Stewart-Robert Pattinson Rumor Roller Coaster: Apparently, Kristen has been goin' behind Rob's back and texting up a storm with none other than Rupert Sanders. Ahhhh! Crazy, right? Just when you thought these two were ready to reunite for the Breaking Dawn--Part 2 premiere and then call it happily ever after, she has to go and CHEAT again!

But wait, hmm. Maybe it's not exaaaaactly cheating?

If there is any truth to this story, maybe it's just the product of Kristen's insecurities. The way she talks and acts, especially when the spotlight is cast on her, she comes off like the most insecure actress in Hollywood. Yes, she's only 22, so I'll give her the youngin' break, the break of not quite knowing herself yet. Nonetheless, texting a guy who is totally into her -- and who isn't her boyfriend -- could quite possibly be a stab at snagging a quick ego boost.

Hey, just about all of us are guilty of it at one time or another! It's no great mystery that sometimes we talk to men who are attracted to us (not necessarily who we are attracted to) in order to feel better about ourselves. I've had friends admit that yeah, even though they're with "Max," they totally flirted with "Greg" on Facebook just because they were lovin' the bonus attention. The 20 minutes of feeling like someone else -- other than the guy they already know is in love with them -- thinks they're irresistable.

And really, what's the harm in it? Usually, as long as the relationship really remains 100 percent platonic, these campaigns to bolster self-esteem are completely innocent. There's only trouble if you start to cross the line by doing or saying something you'd prefer your S.O. never found out. Ever.

Therein lies the issue with Kristen Stewart. She already supposedly crossed that line once. So she doesn't get the free pass to flirt on behalf of her ego anymore. So let's not be surprised if this -- or something like it -- ends up being scripted as Rob's final straw!

Admit it: Do you ever talk to guys other than your S.O. for the attention/ego boost?

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Michelle Chapman


Gail Fuller

She is not texting Sanders.  She knows how important the initial scandal has become even though it was a relatively minor offense.  She loves Rob and doesn't want to jeopardize the healing of their relationship with something like texting or  phoning.  As far as boosting her ego, she has maintained it as well as she can with so many news articles like this one saying things to deliberately make things worse again! I think the counselor she and Rob are going to will help her with that.  It will be really something to see how she handles herself if the fans are not quite as civilized as they should be at the promotional events and premiers. Good luck to Rob and Kristen.

And as for you Stir, think before you put it in writing.  Otherwise what kind of journalist are you?

Lulu2216 Lulu2216

Oh good grief. Are they just coming up with things out of their butt. I mean really, none of is know that and how would they? This is getting outrageous. I'm going to quit opening these stories because they are rubbish.

navyw... navywife0204

Can we leave these two alone, PLEASE??  Let them work out their problems on their own without everyone inserting their unwanted opinions in their business!

VLM10... VLM101963

There is no proof of cheating to begin with and who says she is texting him??? He could be texting her or she could be texting Robert... has anyone actually seen the texts???? Is someone standing over her shoulder watching what she is texting???? I am sure that part of them getting back together if for him to check her phone and possibly her cellphone records...I know I would!! Like everyone else says....LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!! It would be great to see them together but they need to handle things in their way and in PRIVATE!!!!!

nonmember avatar Lori

Oh my God, Maressa - you call yourself a reporter and a writer, well why don't you use the skills you learned in college (oh, wait, did you forget to go to college?) and learn how to fact check! You are just spreading unfounded, unsubstantiated rumors and lies based on tabloid reports and unreliable sources that you read on the internet! Seriously?! Stop it. Now. You are only making yourself look bad and you're hurting fans of Stewart and Pattinson - not to mention the couple themselves - by continuing to keep this story in the media. Splash News is a trashy webloid gossip site that has no fact-based information. They make things up to get hits, and now you're just as bad for stealing their bad information and pretending that it's true! Get a life lady, and write about something you know. You're only making yourself look bad - and really stupid!

Christie Lynn

Ruperts a man whore and a sleeze bag, I would say its him texting her, if in fact this is true, which I doubt... Kristen knows better, she wouldn't loose Rob a second time because of Ruperts nastiness!!!

Melissa Ege-Bailey

I think Rupert is the love of Kristen's life and she is just waiting for all this Breaking Dawn stuff to be over so they can finally be together...maybe his divorce will be final by then. Rob would never take her cheating ass back so it's a good thing that Rupert makes her happy!!

Heather Mathews

All I have to say is everyone needs to stop listening to celebrity drama because yall got enough drama in yalls life's. I know I got drama and all this celebrity crap is bogus lies anyways. As for twilight fans GET OVER IT. A book is a book it is fiction!!!!!! Get on with your life's.

Ilovealion Georgialion

I agree Melissa. He's her "British boyfriend" with a fetish for pit stink... they're MFEO!!

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