Lea Michele Is Like ‘In Your Face!’ to Doubters Every Thursday Night

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lea micheleIf it weren't for Glee, Lea Michele might never have become the huge star that she is now. Apparently, back in the days before Glee, she lived in Rejection City. Lea told Marie Claire UK, "I was told by agents and casting directors I wasn't right for TV. I didn't feel that, but I was told it and you believe it." Not right for TV -- Lea Michele? Who woulda said that -- how could they -- what kind of ...? I can't believe it!

But that's what she says! Can you imagine how she feels now? She's gracious, so she doesn't follow that up with something along the lines of, "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW, HATERZ?" Although of course she'd be justified in thinking that. But wow, was Glee that much of a game-changer that we can't even imagine Lea Michele not being completely right for TV?

I'm trying to see Lea Michelle through these agents' eyes now. And I'm coming to the shocking realization that they must have been blind. Ha! No really, even though we've seen a fair amount of quirky characters on TV, I think I can see how Lea would have been hard to cast back in the day. She's got a big presence. But she isn't exactly Disney princess material -- or "main character's quirky best friend" material, either.

It took Glee to bring out everything Lea has to offer as a performer. And I bet it was the same way with all the other cast members. Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Kevin McHale -- heck, even Jane Lynch. Just like the New Directions is a magnet for all the spectacularly talented misfits in high school, I think Glee has been a magnet for the spectacularly talented misfit actors in Hollywood. And we would be the poorer without these actors. So I'll say it for you, Lea: Suck it, doubters! All these kids are "right" for TV.

Do you think Lea Michele could have eventually become a TV star without Glee?


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Jay Chaplin

Like nealry every actor they have to be inthe right place at the right time.  Lea was justt that.  Could she have gotten small tv parts sure but her mainstay wouldhave be b-way.


Jay Chaplin

ALso you know that Marie Clair UK you quoted is 2 years old.  Weird how it is making the rounds as new.

Alyxzandra Long

I kinda agree with them a little bit. She is very over the top, which works for the stage. I think the reason she works for this show is because her character wants to be on Broadway. She's able to project the emotions that are usually smaller on screen. I still think she's a great singer though.

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