If Jef Holm Doesn’t Believe Emily Maynard Cheated, He’s Just a Fool in Love

emily and  jefSomeone might wanna let Jef Holm in on the little secret that his fiance Emily Maynard probably cheated on him with NFL quarterback Matt Leinart, because this is getting a little awkward. Emily and Jef went to support Em's daughter Ricki at some cheerleading event, and the clueless groom-to-be Instagrammed a photo of his fiance with the caption, "Never going to stop falling in love with this babe."

Poor guy's going to get his heart broken so bad.

Emily's obviously got him wrapped around her little finger and it sounds like they're moving forward with the whole spend-eternity-together thing, which is kind of insane since it sounds like things are a bit rocky, to say the least.

But Jef, that guy, he can't help himself. He's in love with this woman he met on a reality show and he thinks that they're perfect for each other despite the rumors of infidelity, the fact that his family isn't really into the relationship, and the constant media attention.

I will say this, though, Jef seems like someone who won't give up. What persistence this guy must have to compete with 25 other dudes for Emily's love, then put up with the mess surrounding their pre-wedding dating life. If his motto really is to keep falling in love with Emily, then it's hard to fault him for his steadfastness and romanticism.

Someone who's about to be married should feel that way about their partner. The question remains, though, does Emily? 

Do you think Jef and Emily will get married?


Photo via abc.com

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nonmember avatar sherry roberts

Why don't you people gossip about your own life hmmm I'm sure that it would be very entertaining. Leave EM & JEF ALONE! !!!!

Janessa Leoni

She would not do that. Come on leave them alone!

nonmember avatar Ashley

Perhaps his posts are all a facade? How do any of us really know what any of these humans truly think and why do we care? It's really none of our business as our lives are not theirs. Yes, we post our business out there, but our stories are ours alone to tell. True, people will speculate on rumors and gossip and will even try to get to the meat and potatoes of our own biographies by analyzing every formation of letter we type. But ultimately, it's all gossip, all commentary, which I assume we "are" entitled to on some level, but doesn't make it right. When we focus on ourselves and stop obsessing about others, we become better people!

nonmember avatar Da

Leave them alone. Let them find love again. They were falling in love, went crazy and now, give them a space. Do not prolong if there is no more love. Little ricki will suffer. Wake up emily.

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