New '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Poll Favors Stunning 'Twilight' Vampire as Anastasia

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Ashley GreeneGood news, loyal Fifty Shades of Grey lovers! It looks as though the field for who will play Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is finally starting to narrow, and if fans get their way, one very sexy brunette will wind up nabbing the coveted spot.

A new poll put out by Books & Review has six actresses listed as possible Anastasias -- and it's really no huge shock that a gorgeous Twilight vampire has landed herself a spot on the list. And yes, Kristen Stewart made the cut, but she doesn't have as many people buzzing about her playing Ana as one of her fellow co-stars does.

Ashley Greene has emerged as a favorite with fans, and honestly, she may just be the perfect actress to fill Ana's shoes. First of all, she's beyond gorgeous -- like really beyond gorgeous. It's highly doubtful that anyone would complain about having to watch her on-screen for two hours (possibly in the buff). And Ashley also has an understated sex appeal going for her, which is key to accurately portraying Ana's character.

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If she does manage to be the lucky actress who is cast in the flick, it will be a far cry from her role as Alice Cullen, that's for sure. If anything, it will give her the time in the spotlight she most definitely deserves. (And poor Joe Jonas will totally be crying into his beer.)

Ok, so you're probably curious as to who the other five names are who are favored contenders for Ana's spot. Other than Kristen Stewart, there's Emma Watson, Alexis Bledel, Felicity Jones from The Worst Witch, and Alexandra Daddario from Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

(Don't worry, I'm not very familiar with the last two either. But maybe that's a good thing if one of them winds up being cast? No preconceived notions, etc.?)

What do you think of Ashley Greene as Anastasia Steele? Does she fit the part? Or does one of these other actresses stand out to you?


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Alina Chavez

She would be perfect!!!! :)Im all for ASHLEY!:)

Wendy Myers Bond

I said from the start that Ashley Greene & Ian Somerholder should be the leads in this film!! They are both HOT!

Cecy Garcia

She would be perfect!!!  She has what it takes to be Anastacia.....go Ashley!!!

Liz Adleman

o0o0o0o I LOVED Alexandra and Alexis.... I think its a tie between them.... they could both potentially portray Ana perfectly

Naomi Silberman

I think her face looks a little bit too arrogant and old (Not like way old but just not a student face anymore) for a cute student who just finished exams, I still am in for Alexes Bledel as Anastasia and Ryan Gosling or Matt Boomer as Christian Grey :)

nonmember avatar Talia

I love Ashley think she would be great!

Cynthia Garland

Excellent Choice, can she bite her lip as well as Kristen Stewart, Though?


Tracy Houston

no no to kristen stewart any of others to play ana

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