'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert's Planned Wedding Is a REAL 'Bachelor' Shocker


Jp and AshleyThe Bachelor and Bachelorette have a notoriously low rate of success. Now, Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum are hoping to be the third couple whose televised wedding on ABC becomes an actual marriage. Strange as it may seem, I actually think they might make it, too.

ABC just announced that the two will wed in December and that, yes, it will be televised. It makes sense. After all, ABC will cover their wedding and make it elaborate, beautiful, and perfect. They will also send them on a lavish honeymoon and pay them, to boot. Who WOULDN'T want that?

As for whether they will last, I supposed that's anyone's guess, right?

In 2003, if you had asked me if I thought Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter would make it, I would have said no. In many ways, I consider them the only REAL Bachelor success story since Jason Mesnick had to make a massive mess of things before settling down with Molly. Though don't cry too hard for Melissa Rycroft. She seems OK after all.

As for JP and Ashley, I think they have a real thing going. They became engaged in August of 2011 and yet they waited a full year to make real wedding plans.

That is the smart way to go. They moved in together, got to know one another, and made sure it was right. Now, sure enough, they are ready to tie the knot. I think they will be successful just because they played it so smart. Not everyone takes their time and really considers options.

Most of what people complain about on the show -- the fast pace, the quick "love," the fame hunger -- is eliminated after a year-long engagement, so if I were betting, I'd say these two have a real fighting chance.

Besides, seeing their wedding special is going to be F-U-N! Go Ashley and JP!

Do you think these two will make it?


Image via ABC

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Madel... Madelaine

I hope they make it!

nonmember avatar kathy

Yes i think they will Make it

Debi Olson-Bruno

YES!  Such a cute couple... I can't wait to see the wedding too!

Jennifer Rupp

Living together before marriage is no guarantee of success. In fact, statistics show the opposite is true. I hope they make it, but...

Kathay Palmer

These two have a great chance at making a successful marriage.  They have done the right thing by actually getting to know each other and the bad habits and quirks each one has - and they've stayed together through all that.  I can't wait for the wedding - should be beautiful.  Best wishes to them both.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

^^ What Kathay said. I absolutely think they will make it. They are so sweet together. I can't wait to see the wedding!

Gail Grobbelaar

Yes, they are 2 sensible people that have taken time to get too know each other and did not just leap in head first. All of us who were interested in them as a couple really do hope that they have many, many years of a happy marriage together!! Good Luck guys.

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