Kate Middleton's Bottomless Photos Are Just the Beginning

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Kate Middleton

You've got to feel sorry for the Royal Family right now. I mean, as much as one can feel sorry for people who live in castles, will never in their entire lives have to worry about money, and who are rich and famous merely because of some quirky old time notion about royalty being descended from God. Yeah, whatevs. Anyway, first there was the Prince Harry nude in Vegas scandal. Then there was the Kate Middleton topless scandal. And then the Kate Middleton bottomless scandal.

Dutch tabloid Se Og Her published photos of Kate and Wills sunbathing on a balcony when they thought they were alone. Silly, royals! You are never alone! A photographer took shots of Kate sunning topless and then -- horrors! -- she actually took off her bikini bottom to change (outside??? why???). And the photographer snapped it! And someone published it! And, um, you can hardly see anything. I mean, except a dark shadow. Not that I looked that closely, of course. Ahem.

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But back to why we should feel sorry for the royals. Well, after William's mother Princess Diana died in a car crash while being pursued by paparazzi, the royals came to a little "arrangement" with the paps. The media agreed that things had gone too far and they'd give Diana's children some space. In fact, except for the occasional party shot (and that one of Harry dressed like a Nazi), which likely came from people inside their circle, not the paparazzi, they were pretty much left alone.

But the times they are a changin'. Now it's almost like the paps are at war with the royals. First, one of them had the nerve -- the nerve! -- to take pics of the royal couple on their honeymoon. And now this! This!!!

What's next? Will the paps stake out all of the royal bedroom windows and snap the couple in flagrante delicto? What if Kate and Wills had got it on on the balcony? I mean, her bottoms were already off. I definitely wouldn't put it past the media to run with photos like that if they can get them.

Is it right? No. Is it reality? Yes. The royals live a life of luxury -- luxury on par with very few other people in the world -- because of the public's insatiable interest in them. If the public didn't have some love for them, they would have been overthrown long ago. You know, like they did in France.

Kate knew what she was signing up for. Maybe she thought she'd catch a break because of the Diana tragedy. But now she's beginning to realize the truth. Sure, the royals are fighting back with a lawsuit. But when there's this much money at stake for the tabs and the photogs, no amount of lawsuits will matter.

This is only the beginning for Kate's lack of privacy. But she gets to live a life few others do. Maybe a few crotch shots are worth it.

Do you think Kate's bottomless photos are an outrage?


Image via Tom Soper Photography/Flickr


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dirti... dirtiekittie

as it's been said plenty of times before - the biggest outrage is that the young couple had every reason to expect privacy, and it was violated. the 'pap' was miles away with a ridiculously telescopic lens, which is why you only saw 'a dark spot' instead of all the royal jewels, so to speak.

while i agree those in positions of power / authority / fame should be accustomed to a different lifestyle, i think that there is a difference between kate sunning her royal cheeks on an public beach and a creeper pap who is stalking them from a mile away with a high powered camera. the pap crossed the line, but the royals need to learn that in this day and age, their "old fashioned" beliefs are flying further and further out the window, and they are not going to be as exempt from public scrutiny as they once were. the times, they are a-changing...

cmjaz cmjaz

I wonder if it happened to them in their backyard how they would fell. Anyway, the ancient Royals don't think they're descended from God. The old notion is that they were God,s representatives and that they were ruling per God's wishes. Not that they are 'decsendants'

Bmat Bmat

I do think the paparazzi should back off. From what I've read, the couple was alone, and it was a camera from a considerable distance that took the pictures.

Lisa Baker

They should be able to expect some privacy! People tend to forget that yes they are royal, but thet are also people, therefore they need their alone time too. 

DebaLa DebaLa

The French law agrees with the Wales;' the couple has an expectation of privacy in those remote circumstances. I hope there are more injunctions/lawsuits and the papers and gossip sites are run out of business. Reality? You can be sure Wm and Kate will be nude indoors. And if anyone thinks that if nude pics of them behind closed doors appear in the tabs/internet and THAT'S OK, then you aren't human. NO one has to give up ALL rights ALL the time.

On a programming note: this article is fundamentally ignorant.

mrswi... mrswillie

I can only hope that Kate can handle the media.

Madel... Madelaine

I feel bad for her but she is handling it well.

jessi... jessicasmom1

she is handling it well

count... countrygirlkat

I think it is terrible that the paparazzi take things this far.  In the privacy of their own home things should be private and safe.

Don Ake

Kate's photos are art, not porn! - http://akespains.blogspot.com/2012/09/gazing-upon-royal-jewels.html

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