Ian Somerhalder May Already Be Preparing to Play Christian Grey

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ian somerhalderAll you Ian Somerhalder fanatics are sure to be blissed out over the latest Q&A the Vampire Diaries actor gave E! this weekend at the 2012 Environmental Media Awards. He was told -- point-blank -- that many Fifty Shades of Grey fans say he's their top choice to play Christian Grey in the movie. Obviously, E! was fishing for as much info as possible from the TV star, and I've gotta hand it to the guy for how he handled getting grilled on the "rough" subject!

Initially, he came off as not that smooth at all -- saying it'll be "interesting" to see what happens, the rehearsals for the part will be "interesting," etc. But then, he cracked a joke about whoever was auditioning making the movie execs as "uncomfortable" as possible, ha! And he even 'fessed up about something that should get his fans even more hot and bothered ...

He said he's reading the first book! Ooooh! Plus, he assured the E! reporters that he "gets why it has taken the way it has." Well, cool, any future big-screen Christian Grey better feel that way.

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Clearly, Ian's playing his cards in a very precise, calculated way. (Much like Christian, eh?) He looks to me like he's extremely conscious of mis-speaking, saying too much, saying just the right thing, etc. Like how he said, in response to who he would want to play "his Anastasia": "My Anastasia? I don't know ... there are too many [good leading ladies] to name." There's a reason he's leaving the door wide open for any leading lady to "be his Anastasia." (So we could believe his chemistry with whoever it ends up being!)

The bottom-line: He is acting like he know all eyes are on him. And it's not that crazy to think maybe he even knows more than he lets on! All these clues may mean he's already in talks or, at the very least, really wants to be. After all, this is the role that could absolutely positively transform his career if it works out well. So, good for him for watching his back on this one! Playing his cards right could be one very wise step in the Dom direction ... 

How do you think Ian Somerhalder handled these Qs about playing Christian Grey?


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acrog... acrogodess

I haven't read the books, but with eye candy like Ian Somerhalder playing the lead, I'll definitely be watching the movie. He is definitely dark, moody, and sadistic on The Vampire Diaries.

Bmat Bmat

I think that he is wise to say as little as possible.

nonmember avatar Lisa

I always love Ian's interviews. And I would so love to see him as CHristian Grey. He's a perfect fit for it.

Bianca Zapata

Watching vampire diaries reruns and seeing the potential he has to portray this character is amazing. When first reading 50 shades (having watched the series up to date of vamp diaries) i cant picture any other christian.. from the way he talks through his eyes to the sex appeal. Even that intimidating yet gentle feel.. Christian Grey seems to be the biggest oxymoron on this earth.. and i think Ian has the talent and look to pull this role through.. and not only re invent his career, but, to invent another original character. EL James really makes you loooove christian.. and ian is just so darn loveable.. even in all of his mischievous activity in vamp diaries.. EVEN when he kills jeremy.. you just want to hold him and ask him whyyyyyy? which is the perfect feel for christian i think.. i think ian has this one in the bag.. his look is too... unique, to not play the role of this very unique self hated character. <3 had to get thaaaat off of my chest.! :) I vote for Ian!!!

nonmember avatar jessy

I say Ian Somerhalder deserves the role!! He is very Christian Grey! PLUS!!! E.L James admitted during an interview with Ryan Seacrest that she is a huge fan of the Vampire Diaries!! :D

Bianca Zapata

!!!!!! im telling you... down to his boyish attitude at times.. he's absotutenly perfect... even if they cast another.. he's MY christian grey <3 

ps. i can even picture his pajama pants hanging to sexily off of his hips the way she likes ooooh sooooo muuuuch <3 :) he's just perfect for the character all around.

falling in love


mrswi... mrswillie

I like Ian and I think he would be great as Christian. Wow...I am really hoping for the moviie.

nonmember avatar Odz

Bianca, your first comment is truly lovely and sincere. I know IS from his pre TVD days, and for sure there is just something different/special about him. Wish him the best of luck!

Lauri Thomas

Uh HELL NO!!!!!!!!! Keep looking

singl... singlegalof4

Ian is my choice of Christian Grey, vampire diaries is my show, and while watching him he can play christian to a T. He's myy vote!

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