'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Reunion Part 1 Recap: Teresa Giudice Is Delusional

Teresa GiudiceThroughout this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I've really tried to give Teresa Giudice the benefit of the doubt. Caroline Manzo has become a grumpy bully who seems to have it out for her at all costs, and I wasn't even willing to crucify her for the whole Melissa Gorga strippergate incident. Tonight, however, it became clear that despite any of that, Teresa is just delusional.

Case in huge, glittery point -- Melissa's eye shadow. For the entire first part of the reunion, I was distracted by it (when I wasn't blinded by Teresa's garish, green gown) and trying to figure out how Melissa was keeping her eyes open with three inches of that gold sparkly stuff on her lids. So when Teresa accused her of stealing that look from her, it was just too ridiculous for words. And that was only a small, but extremely telling, glimpse into the craziness that is Teresa's world.

Jacqueline Laurita not only showed up for this reunion, but she was fired up. Gone were her typical mousy, passive ways. She was out to expose Teresa, and she did a pretty convincing job of it. After that completely heart-wrenching breakdown over her son's autism diagnosis, there's just no way she was lying when she swore on his life that Teresa did tell her that Melissa was a stripper. Honestly, that was about all of the proof I needed, but there was more.

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Teresa just couldn't defend herself against anything anyone was saying. She truly seems to believe that they're all jealous of her and setting her up for sport. Then she kept throwing out ugly, below-the-belt insults and trying to make everything about her. She couldn't even let Jacqueline talk about her son's autism without rudely interrupting and trying to turn the attention to her.

Jacqueline was pissed. "You’re a liar, you’re sick, you’re going to hell," she told Teresa. Teresa shot back with her recycled line about Jacqueline being a devil because she was wearing a red dress. Than at some point in all of the heated back and forth, Teresa yelled out to Caroline and everyone, "You want to be me!"

That pretty much sealed the delusional deal. And if that (plus that dress) wasn't enough, the fact that she thinks that Juicy Joe is hotter than Richie Wakile and would pick up more women if they were pitted against one another just clenched it. Um, no.

Then she really did it when she threw out that Richie and Kathy almost got divorced. She said she knew because her mother told her. Kathy was irate and went low as well, saying that if her mother said that, she was a liar too. She also called Teresa's father a coward. That sent Teresa scrambling over to Caroline and Jacqueline's couch, and then she went after Kathy's deceased father. It all ended on an ugly note with Kathy's sister, Rosie Pierri, blowing her sh*t backstage, vowing to kill Teresa. It was intense to say the least.

Based on tonight, I'm not even so much convinced that Teresa's a liar as I am that she just has no concept of reality and what the truth really is in many cases. And she clearly has NO idea what Napalm is.

As heated as tonight was, however, part two next week looks even more so with Rosie, Juicy Joe, and Kim D. taking spots on the couches. I'm not sure if any of them can save Teresa now, but it should be interesting to watch them try.

Who do you believe -- Teresa Giudice or Jacqueline Laurita?


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Carol R Miller

I believe Jacqueline, Teresa has lied so much she doesn't even know the truth.  She only talks and never listens to anyone.

Deena Walker

What was the napalm comment all about?  Personally I think Teresa's problem is simple - she's psychotic.

I really wondered if Teresa isn't getting paid extra by Bravo for stirring the pot.  I mean come on????  Who acts like that?



Rosemary Maldonado-Barron

This is going to be my last season for sure. I can not stand to watch Teresa ever again!

Jscot... Jscott1216

First Teresa is a complete nut bag!!!!! If they don't toss her psychotic ass from the show next season I'm done. I can't take listening to her anymore. She has changed sooo much since this show started. Second, Teresa went after Kathy and Rosie's deceased father not jaquelines dad. Her dad is still alive an well. He was even on an episode this season. Proof read much? Lol

Jscot... Jscott1216

Oh and Melissa's makeup was not that bad. And I saw the wwhl after show and they did a side by side of Teresa last reunion and Melissa this reunion and Teresa wast wearing sparkly shadow she wore a dark cakey looking clownish smokey shAdow. They also did a side of Melissa this yr and last an said the only person she copied was herself. Lol

nonmember avatar Monica

Wow. I actually feel bad for the ladies for having even known Teresa. Teresa is a crazy liar who never takes accountability for her own actions. Everybody went in on her tonight and I found it hilarious. I especially liked when Kathy got fired up. Teresa brought her parents into it thinking Kathy would go easy and I happy Kathy didn't. Kathy just called a spade a spade. Teresa, her cheating douchebag husband and her spoiled bratty kids hopefully won't return next season. I've had enough of her crazy. Worse than Danielle from seasons 1 &2.

nonmember avatar Denise

Teresa absolutely in denial with a head so big, she needs all that hair to cover it. I think her ego has gotten the best of her and all the attention is simply because she is a caricature of the dumb bitch with power.

Kim Cutlip

If anybody is interested in the NAPALM comment it was said that Teresa does not write her own blogs and Lauren brought up that in somethig that Teresa supposedly wrote contained for whatever reason the word NAPALM and they asked her to spell or define it which Teresa pretty much ignored I agree with alot of people that Teresa is delusional and I am on Team Jacqueline Trying to turn it around and blame Jacqueline for setting her up was just too ridiculous for words. Jacqueline was being fed the information from someone who heard the guy tell someone that Teresa and Kim were out to set Melissa up in regards to her stripping I just wish that when these ladies confronted Teresa with the truth that Bravo would show the clips where the accusations were backed up by her conversations I remember very well Teresa telling both Jacqueline and Caroline nasty things about her family so come Bravo provide the proof that is needed to prove Teresa is a liar  Cant wait for next week somebody is going down for sure

Linda Nelson-Workman


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