Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Attacked & Choked By Man in Hotel

Is it me or has Lindsay Lohan been through more in her 26 years than most of us go through in 80? This latest report just staggers. It was only a couple of weeks ago that Lilo was arrested after allegedly hitting a man's knee while driving a friend's Porsche in New York City. A week later, she was admitted to the hospital with a lung infection. But early this morning comes a creepy, downright dangerous, story. Reports say that Linds was in her hotel room with a friend and another man she'd been hanging out with at a trendy Manhattan club when she discovered the man had pictures of her on his cell phone. She asked him to delete them. The man, identified as Christian LaBella, went beserk and attacked her. Her mother, Dina, says it's lucky the man didn't have a weapon. Indeed, this guy sounds really dangerous and cuckoo. Linds could have been killed. Here's the whole story ...


Last night, Linds was hanging out with her pal, Claus Hjelmbak, and LaBella at 1Oak, one of those uber-trendy NYC clubs. The three of them ended up back at Lilo's hotel room. It's unclear whether or not Linds knew LaBella previously.

Once she found he had pics of her on her cell, she tried to get him to delete them, or tried to do it herself. Can't say I blame her. The guy refused and then reportedly threw her down on the bed and scratched her.

Lindsay reportedly ran out of the room and down several flights of stairs with her friend. Later, they saw LaBella, who then allegedly choked Lindsay and threw her down on the floor. Hjelmbak apparently got him off her. Lindsay pulled a fire alarm for help.

Cops came and they began looking for LaBella who, it turned out, was trapped in an elevator, which had stopped when the alarm was pulled. LaBella was then arrested. Lindsay didn't seek medical treatment.

Lindsay's parents were horrified by this incident, with Dina saying, "Thank God he didn't have a weapon." Michael is reported to have said, "Wait til I get this guy."

I'm not going to play "blame the victim" here, but what the hell is going on with Lindsay? I just don't understand how trouble follows this girl like a puppy following a chew toy. When you have this much drama in your life, something is wrong. Something is wrong with the daily choices you're making.

There is such a thing as trouble careening into you when you're doing absolutely nothing to bring it on. But not on a weekly, almost hourly, basis! If your life is this dramatic, with this many problems, this many arrests, this many headlines, this many everything, it's time to take stock of yourself, the people around you, and everything that you're doing.

Let's hope Linds does this. Soon.

What's going on with Lindsay?

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