Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's 'Sex Pact' May Surprise You

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We've heard some bizarro rumors about the supposed Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunion, but this one has to be the most bizarre. Actually, maybe this one makes the most sense. You be the judge. According to UK's tabloid The Mirror, KStew and RPattz have agreed on a "no sex pact." According to a "source" who allegedly spoke to the writer of the article, a counselor that the couple have been seeing has insisted that the two have no sex while they're working out their relationship. They've even been banished to separate bedrooms of the new house that they may or may not inhabit together.

Seriously, is this the weirdest thing? Or the smartest?

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According to the source (sweet Jesus, what frenemy is spilling all of this info to the tabs?), the pair have to forego that makeup sex. Instead they need to:

Work on communicating, healing wounds and trust exercises. Sex is going to have to wait. The plan is that the two of them concentrate on each other and rebuilding their relationship.

No idea if this latest round of gossip is true or not. However, if it is, it seems like a good idea. Too many couples jump straight back into the sack after they get back together, only to wake up the next day to discover all of their problems are still there. And now things are worse, because they're back to sexytimes and the stakes are a lot higher.

In fact, if this is true, I'm not sure why Rob and Kristen are even living together again. Is it so they could be in the same house and be tempted to hit the sack but be banished to separate bedrooms and have all of that sexual tension in the air? Like they want it sooooo bad, but they CAN'T because then they'd have to tell the counselor. Oooooooo .... this is starting to sound like when Edward and Bella couldn't have sex because Edward might kill her. Only now it's that the counselor might get mad at them. I know, not quite the same, right?

Adds this source, who seems to know waaaay too much:

It has been a tough time for both of them and the psychiatrist has made it clear that this is going to be hard.

Haha. I have so many jokes about that last bit but I'll refrain from making them. It will be hard for these two not to have sex though, yes indeedy, hard. I'm not making any jokes.

Do you think it's best for Kristen and Rob not to have sex right now?


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kelti... kelticmom

I think that people need to stop making up all this complete and utter bullshit just so they have something to write about and leave these poor kids alone.

nonmember avatar Dan

Jesus. It wasn’t enough that Stewart humiliated Pattinson around the world, to the point where an actor employed by her mother publicly called him a douche.

Kristen has also managed to completely eclipse Pattinson’s Cosmopolis success with her PR team’s constant leaks and admissions about armpit-licking etc etc, and effectively turned the man she *cough* supposedly “loves and respects” into a Hollywood joke.

Guess Pattinson likes taking it from behind. Why else would he go back for more?

silen... silentlady

ahahahaha what nonsense. this would sound ridiculous even if they WERE REALLY TOGETHER. 

Rita Curry

 So tired of all of the lies people are writing. Just leave them ,the fuck, alone, for the love of God. Damn, its hard enough for people not in the movie industry, to make a relationship work, let alone these 2 young people. Go away. Fans are really starting to get mad at all of you, then what happens, is we stop buying your rag sheet mag. Profits go down & hopefully all of you with it.

silen... silentlady

wow, nasty comments from Rita! If you're so tired of all this, why not stop reading these articles, hmm? 

Knife Knife

Rita's comments aren't nasty, they're true. Everyday, there's a new article on Robert and Kristen. 90% of them aren't even close to truthful, they're based on assumption and petty rumors/gossip. Until there's an official statement from either of them, I don't understand how you could make an article or form an opinion based on a probably ludicrous statement from a so-called 'source'. Why not let them sort it out, alone, in peace? When they feel they're ready to confirm something, they will. Until then, all of this is nothing more than BS.

I'm sure Rita, like myself, bothered to click on this article because we thought it might announce an actual, official statement from the two people the article is concerning.

silen... silentlady

GossipCop already debunked this

jessi... jessicasmom1

No not best , couples need to cohabitate. ,communication  and a loving life

lasombrs lasombrs

well since I think its all a sham until the movie comes out anyway. yes, i doubt they will be sleeping together

kellynh kellynh

Honestly... Love the movies... But don't care a whit about their supposed real life.

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