Justin Bieber Throws Up On Stage & Thousands of Girls Catch Bieber Fever (VIDEO)

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Have you ever had to work through a day when you haven't felt so great? When your head is pounding and your stomach churning and the sweat is rolling down your forehead? Most of us have. Including Justin Bieber, who sang and danced through his Glendale, Arizona concert last night despite a case of the upchucks. Stars, they're just like us! Well, maybe not. Most of us haven't puked in front of 18,000 screaming fans, had it filmed and uploaded to YouTube, and had it all over the Internet the next day. Poor Biebs. Unlike most teens, he couldn't get into bed and have mom fetch him some chicken noodle soup. The show must go on!

It all started last night when halfway through Biebs' set, as he was singing "Out of Town Hurl" -- excuse me! -- "Out of Town Girl" that Biebs suddenly doubled over and gave the backup dancers a view of what he'd had for dinner that evening. Poor guy. And no, no one held his hair back. Stop making jokes, people! Have you no sympathy or shame?

Anyway, Biebs then actually got on a crane and was lifted high above the crowd. Oh man. That doesn't sound like a good idea when your stomach is doing flip flops! But Biebs isn't working at a fast food joint. He's got thousands of people screaming his name. He must give them what they paid for. A show! And can you imagine having thousands of people screaming when you're feeling sick? Ugh. I'm getting sick just thinking about it. Especially that 40-year-old truck driver in the front row. Dude, really?

After pushing through a couple of songs like a champ, Biebs then disappeared from the stage for a few. I can only imagine what was going on backstage. People running around like mad screaming for Theraflu, probably.

He then came back and apologized to the audience. He said:

It's hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people. Will you love me even though I'm throwing up on stage?

Love him even though he's throwing up? Aww, c'mon. I'm sure those girls were dying to get onstage and wipe his brow. Not to mention taking his temperature. Biebs then finished his set. And hopefully went home and got some rest!

If for some reason you've got a hankering to see a guy barfing, here's some video.

Do you think he should have left the show or did he do the right thing by continuing?

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kelti... kelticmom

Poor guy! That is some dedication. Bless his heart!

Pinkmani Pinkmani

Plenty of entertainers have performed while sick, but I've never heard of them have ever thrown up on stage. I hope he felt better after that.

nonmember avatar Current

Well, Justin's going to get some jokes made about this. I might as well get a head start.
I made some Memes about it and they're pretty funny. Even though Justin jokes are easy.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Not a fan but do feel for the guy. I can call in when I am puking and know that my job can get a float to replace me if needed. Sucks for him.

RabReb RabReb

I agree jalaz77 I feel bad for the boy. Just happy my 8 year old daughter thinks he's as big a dweeb as I do. lol

prinz... prinzesa_edith

aww poor guy, i hope he feels better soon!


Nj Eirojnkcin

I don't like Justin but will admit I feel for him after this.. if anything it makes him seem more human. I actually give him a lot of credit for performing while ill vs cancelling and disappointing everyone. I know there will be jokes made but I give him a lot of credit for this.

momma4vr momma4vr

aww poor baby! lol so sad but funny.... i feel for him i puke infront of a cust while giving her her change at claires one time... fyi i was the only one in the store and my boss threatened to fire me if i closed shop and left....

Lauren Harper

Yikes, thats probably a worst nightmare for him. Props to him for finishing out the show. I dont listen to his music bc Im not a twelve year old girl anymore, but I do respect him for his dedication and he deserves his fame. He (so far) has been a decent role model and a very mainstream top pop artist. Take is easy Biebs.

momof... momof2inNEAZ

I know a couple people who went and they said He threw up 2 or 3 times, but kept on going.

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