Ryan Gosling Casting Rumors Should Make '50 Shades of Grey' Author Really Happy (VIDEO)

E.L. JamesRemember back when E.L. James' hubby, Niall Leonard, spilled the news that Ryan Gosling was the frontrunner to play Christian Grey in what Fifty Shades of Grey fans are calling The Most Anticipated Film of All Time? Yeah, apparently that was a silly fantasy (ironic, eh?), just like everything else people are saying about the film these days, scoffed an exasperated James to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show this morning.

Seacrest made the mistake of asking James the Q she probably hears about 100 times a day now and can't stand hearing any longer -- "Who will play Christian Grey?? Will it be [fill in the blank fan favorite]?" -- and James replied, "As usual, it's all been misreported. No, my husband has not spilled the beans. ... What happened is that his local paper ... reported on my husband being the inspiration for Christian Grey. Underneath it, they put a picture of Ryan Gosling as well. So, that's how that [rumor] came about." Yeah, uh-huh, suuuure, Erika!


She sounds just a wee too defensive, right? I mean, not quite sure I'm buying this whole smoke and mirrors explanation about a photo of Ryan Gosling causing dumb-dumb reporters to completely get the story wrong and misquote her hubby. But whatever. She's the author, so I guess we oughta believe her when she says for the millionth time, "[It's] far too early in the process."

Speaking of which, it seems safe to say that her whole exasperated "oh, pleeeease!" 'tude is really starting to come off as ungrateful. People are literally sweating butt-plugs bullets trying to guess who is going to play the leading lovers she dreamed up, she's been paid a hefty sum for film rights, and she has come off as increasingly irritated whenever she's asked any questions about the flick. Sure, it's got to get exhausting answering the same Qs over and over again, but still! You'd think she might be a bit more thrilled and grateful people care sooo much. 

Then again, it may just be that she's overwhelmed. As she told Ryan, "I wasn't prepared for all this [attention]. This whole roller coaster has been completely mind-blowing." Understandable ... but the least she could do is be a bit less defensive with the fans who got her on this ride.

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How do you feel about the way E.L. James has been handling questioning about the film?


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