'Cheating' Emily Maynard Is Trying Too Hard to Convince Us She's Innocent

Emily Maynard cheatingI really want to believe that Emily Maynard didn't cheat on Jef Holm, you guys. I really do. But as more stories continue to come out, the harder it is to stay loyal to the Southern belle.

The thing is -- sometimes rumors are just rumors, and you just have to laugh it off and move on. But a juicy persistent rumor that continues to unravel? That's a different story. (I'm looking at you, Ashton Kutcher.) In all good cheating scandals, the truth eventually makes its way out.

But not in Emily's case -- this chick is sticking to her guns like no other and even has a brand new excuse as to why her relationship is rock solid. Let's see if you buy it ...

Emily says that the local fans in Charlotte, North Carolina believe the two are better than ever because:

They see us at the grocery store, and Target, and carpool, and they're like, "OK, this has to be legit."

You know what's funny? I don't live anywhere near Charlotte, and even I knew about those trips to the grocery store. Must be because of the paparazzi photos that were taken of them while they were out living their "everyday life." You know, the photos that were plastered all over the Internet with headlines like, "See? They're Totally Fine!"

Who, me? A cheater? No way! Didn't you see I just went to Target yesterday? I can't possibly be a cheater. I WENT TO TARGET YESTERDAY!!!

Let's face it -- when this story broke, the couple needed damage control. And I agree that it's a smart choice to be photographed together in an attempt to get the media off their backs -- but that alone doesn't prove that Emily is innocent or that their relationship is "legit." Nice try, though.

Do you believe that Emily is just trying to cover up her cheating scandal?

Image via ABC

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Barb Stangler

She KNOWS that she CHEATED! I wish that she would just come out and tell the TRUTH!!!!

Noell Dalrymple-Cline

Leave them alone...let them be at peace with whatever they do. It's not anyone's business if it was true but I'm not believing it...

Wendy Williams

I agree with Noell...Leave them alone! If they are cheating or if they are not, it is their business. The media isn't happy until they throw someone out to the wolves every day. Back Off and let them be!!!! Give them a chance to get it right. It's not our business!

Mrswbray Mrswbray

How do you know that she cheated, Barb? Are you personally connected with her or Jef or are you just making assumptions? You know what they say about people that make assumptions...

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