Kristen Stewart's Sex Confession About Rupert Sanders Changes Everything

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snow white & the huntsmanBOOM! And just like that, we're FINALLY hearing that Kristen Stewart allegedly told Robert Pattinson that she and Rupert Sanders never had sex! RadarOnline's source "close to the situation" spills that "Kristen and Rupert both told their respective partners that they didn't actually have sex. Kristen was absolutely steadfast that she only engaged in several make-out sessions with Rupert, but never slept with him." And supposedly, this has made it a bit easier for RPattz to forgive her and take her back. Whew!

I've been saying this all along! There's never been any evidence to the contrary ... As many of us have wondered all summer -- if KStew and her doofy-looking Snow White & the Huntsman director were really having sex, why on earth would they make out in public? People who are shtupping, especially illicitly, tend to keep their infidelity behind closed doors, right? In other words, this "revelation" is all but exposing the scandal as a total sham!

When those of us who initially thought the whole thing seemed too weird, bizarre, and phony to be for real first let it be known we weren't buyin' it, we called ourselves conspiracy theorists. Now, I'm not even sure how anyone is buying that Kristen "cheated" the way the tabloids would have us believe. They're playing us for fools, people!

Look, even if you do believe maybe Kristen really strayed -- because you innocently believe that, in L.A. of all places, no one (like, say, Rupert and Liberty) would actually sell their soul or their marriage for fame and fortune -- who the heck cares about a few measly make-out sessions?! I could see why Rob and Liberty would be piiiissed about being publicly humiliated by the photos, but apart from that, it's definitely more forgivable than if they were having sex. It sounds like junior high!

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I can't for the life of me wrap my head around the idea of them both putting their relationships and reps at risk for something eighth graders get caught doing under the bleachers at a football game. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense that these stupidly public "make-out sessions" would be staged to bolster everyone's career -- and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 box office earnings -- all around. Oh, Hollywood, you can't pull the wool over all of our eyes ...

But hey, for kicks, let's keep playing along and see how it all ends. Maybe -- just like on the silver screen -- there's still a grand finale in store?!

Have you believed all along that Kristen and Rupert never had sex?

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Leigh-Ann L De Lise

ok yes, mamking out isnt as bad as having sex with someone else, but saying its hollywood doesnt make it any better. what happened to being faithful, and respecting your relationship? 

ImaSo... ImaSoulMom

This mess. Are their fifteen minutes up? We can find an actor that doesn't come off as a wuss and a actress that doesn't look braindead?

Publicity stunt or not, we should not be rationalizing cheating to teenagers.

nonmember avatar blh

This is bullshit. Making out is definitely cheating and it happened more than once! Anything you wouldn't do or say in front of your partner is cheating, and id dumpt them either way. And the level of disrespect they gave their partners is disgusting. They couldn't even be bothered to hide what they were doing, rob and liberty were completely humiliated.

Nicole Crissey

i knew they just made out and never had sex i knew right from the begining.

Karin Sessions

Making out is one thing, but having sex is totally different. With kissing its just lips and tongues, but with sex its more personal. You not only know your partner a whole lot more, but sex is hands, skin touching skin, knowing what gives the other person great pleasure. I for one did not believe for a second that Kristen had sex with Rupert. Somethings in this whole story were not adding up. So allow us to put this whole messy ordeal behind us for once and leave it there!!!

Gidg Lmb Aparicio

Sounds like writer Maressa Brown has the same standards in regards to fidelity as that of Kristen. Which isn't much. Cheating is cheating whether it is full on sex or making out. Its betrayal any way you look at it.

To quote Leigh-Ann L De Lise above, "what happened to being faithful, and respecting your relationship?"

And I agree with ImaSoulMom's statement of "Publicity stunt or not, we should not be rationalizing cheating to teenagers."

The real victims in all this is not Rob P. or the public but those poor kids of Liberty and Rupert. I feel for them. They are the ones who are suffering from this all this drama.

Jennifer Colantoni-Finneran

Frankly people in hollywood kiss others all the time in movies, but this was not on screen and why would you even bother. But I truly believe is just shows how young and dumb kristen stewart can be. I am a fan of the twilight movies and have nothing against her but if you want to play childish games leave poor rob and liberty out of it your only hurting the ones you suposivly love.

nonmember avatar teamjakeward

they did have sex, i know someone who is very close to rob who recorded a conversation between her and rupert; she was telling him what she wanted to do to him and couldn't wait to get away from rob so they could be together.

MomLi... MomLily67

I do believe they didn't., and  that is a good thing, That guy must have cheated many times previously, and although it takes two to tango, he is a slimeball that know his way thru a young lady's  heart or feelings, or passions.

Jenna Rachelle Perry

okay first off this isnt news it was stated from the get go of this scandle it was just making out (everyone can believe what they want) but im about to unlike this page all u guys do is take the same shit and gift wrap it in a different title WRITE ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE something NEW!!!!!

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