'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska's New Man Means Buh-Bye Awful Adam

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Chelsea HouskaUsually when one of the stars of MTV's Teen Mom is seen with a new man, I think they should proceed with caution. After all, it's dating that got these girls in their situations in the first place. But in the case of Chelsea Houska, star of Teen Mom 2 and on-again off-again girlfriend of evil Adam, I say YES! Good for her!

Houska was seen cuddling up to a mystery man known as "Sethy" this week and, if history is any indication, we should hear that she has a "boyfriend" soon enough. Oh PLEASE let it be so! Adam Lind was undoubtedly the worst of the Teen Mom baby daddies. He was disgusting to Chelsea. He was disgusting to his baby daughter Aubrey. In short, he was disgusting.

Sweet, sweet Chelsea always forgave Adam for all his bullsh*t. But enough is enough. If a new boyfriend gets her past all that, then good. It's about time.

Normally, it's a bad thing to use one man to get over another, but if that's what it takes for Chelsea to finally give up on awful Adam, then fine. We'll take it.

Of course, Chelsea hasn't proven she can deal with a good guy. Many times women who like "bad boys" continue to do so until they finally stumble onto a nice guy. Let's hope this isn't the case with Chelsea and that "Sethy" is her nice guy.

There are some hopeful signs. It's not as if Chelsea has the tell-tale father abandonment issue that leads so many girls to choose bad men. If anything, Chelsea's dad is a model of good, involved fatherhood. He loves his daughter and questions her enough to make her think. But he is also generous and cares for both her and her child.

She obviously knows how wonderful men can be. Maybe we can just chalk Adam up to a youthful mistake and hope that the men she chooses from here on out are more like her awesome dad Randy.

Fingers crossed! But let's hope Chelsea has finally moved on from Adam.

Do you think this new guy is a good idea for Chelsea?


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Tashinha Tashinha

Goooo Chelsea!! =)

shell... shellyplatz

Anyone's gotta be better than Adam the ass!

rocki... rockinmomnwife

I hope she does not go back to Adam...hopefully this Sethy will treat her right. She seems like a sweet person.

nonmember avatar beatrice

You. Go girl get the hell away from no good adam and stay away . He does not know how to treat women he is 100%zero of a man .not good for u he will always bring you down. Run chelsea run!!!

nonmember avatar Sarah

Adam is a jerk. I seriously have to question his new baby momma. Obviously she as no class or self esteem. Anyone who gets pregnant by this jerk who has been in trouble with the law over and over again and proves he's a rotten father on tv, just deserves everything she gets. Good for Chelsea. I like her. She truly deserves better.

Kelly Simmons

why  does  mtv  kiss  this  bitches  ass,    she  is  nothing  but  a  spoiled  brat  daddy  pays  for  everything.

Sherri Kalil

Adam is fuking gross no jog no life MESS WHO GETS WITH GIRLS UNTIL THEY HAVE NO MORE $$$

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