Robert Pattinson's Demands on Kristen Stewart Make Him Sound Like Christian Grey

edward cullen bella swanEvery day it's a different story with those two crazy Twilight lovebirds! Yesterday, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were hashing out the details of getting back together, even talking marriage, and today, apparently, Rob has given Kristen some "ground rules."

Perez Hilton reports that rule number one is that KStew cannot see or speak to Rupert Sanders. Okay, well, that's kind of a no-brainer ... Rule number two is that she "must be accompanied by someone when meeting other people without Rob, AND she has to be honest and open about her location." Rule number three: They have promised one another to "share regular date nights and nightly calls when apart." Yow! If I'm not mistaken, it sounds like Rob has taken a page out of E.L. James' blockbuster fantasy about him Edward Cullen sexy dominant Christian Grey


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I mean, I understand that if Kristen really did cheat (and this isn't all a mind game Summit is playing with the masses to reap even bigger box office benefits in November ...), then the guy has GOT to have some major trust issues. But requiring that she "be accompanied by someone when meeting other people without Rob"?! How control freaky can you get?! Sheeeesssh! Why doesn't he just bite the bullet and get her John Hancock on a BDSM contract?!

Considering how mild-mannered and puppy dog-in-love Rob has seemed over the years, I'm guessing this is far from true. I just can't see him layin' down the law like this on Kristen ... And I sure as heck can't see Little Ms. "Screw You, Guys, I Do What I Want!" agreeing to something so stringent and suffocating, no matter how badly she wants him back. But if it is true ... wowWhat an intense, potentially very negative way of attempting to rebuild trust. Seems like something their rumored couples' counselor -- aka RPattz and KStew's very own Dr. Flynn -- would definitely not endorse!

Do you buy that Rob is being this controlling?

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