Kristen Stewart's Troubles Have Just Begun With 'Insecure' Robert Pattinson

Even with all of their fame, money, and fans, I wouldn't want to be Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart right now. Nope, I wouldn't. Honest! Word has it they have been working it out these past few months and have reconciled and moved back in together. Rumors are swirling that all kinds of ultimatums, caveats, and possible tattoos preceded this momentous occasion, including Robert asking for demanding Kristen's hand in marriage. These two kids have got their work cut out for them, and I wouldn't wanna be them. Reportedly, Rob is feeling "insecure" these days, and who can blame him? Getting back together after a major rift has its upside (the make-up sex!) and its downside (everything else!). Here are some of the issues Robsten are likely to face now that they're supposedly back together.


Trust. This is a huge one. Rob can no longer trust Kristen the way he used to, although, paradoxically, now that she's learned her lesson about stepping out, she may be even more trustworthy. But tell that to Rob when Kristen wants to go somewhere by herself, or gets a text message from a guy Rob doesn't know, or even has another semi-attractive married male director. They're going to need some serious work to get back the trust. That could include counseling, and also Kristen going out of her way to make sure Rob knows what she's doing and who she's in contact with at all times. She may even need to cough up her passwords.

Power. The power has now shifted and Rob's the one who's got it. Because it was Kristen who cheated and she's the one who lobbied to get back together, Rob will hold the cards for awhile. And he may abuse that privilege. There's a fine line between reasonably keeping tabs on someone who has shattered your trust and becoming a power-mad dictator who demands to know your girlfriend's every move every second of every day and who begins laying down all kinds of rules on how you can conduct your life. Ugh!

Anger. A lot of couples who get back together after a break-up think that they leave all issues behind once they do so. Au contraire. The issues are just beginning. All of that anger stored up that you may not have unleashed on the cheater because you weren't talking to him or her can now come spilling out since the person is back under the same roof with you. You may not even realize how angry you were until now because you were too busy being sad. The months after a reconciliation can have you turning into harpy.

Like I said, I wouldn't want to be these two right now. I even feel sorry for Kristen, because Rob is probably going to put her through the wringer. Not to mention that they have the world watching while they try to iron out this rough patch. But, hey, there is the make-up sex!

Have you taken back someone who cheated on you? How did you make it work?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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