Emma Watson Isn't Prepared to Play Anastasia Steele (VIDEO)

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emma watsonAmong all the young ingenues rumored to be under consideration to play Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, Emma Watson really stands out. Sure, Lucy Hale and Alexis Bledel are already queens of the small screen, but Emma's proven herself at the box office time and again -- and would definitely be able to lend the film major credibility. But whether or not she really has any interest in portraying Ana has been up in the air ... until now.

She recently spoke about the opportunity and said all she really knows about the trilogy, not having read it yet, is that it's "quite raunchy." But that doesn't mean she isn't writing off the potential role altogether ...

Watson noted:

I mean if there’s interesting character development and there’s an interesting story then I would consider it -- but I haven’t been offered anything. 

Good to know that she's open to it! At the same time, though, the 22-year-old went on to reveal something very telling ... which could be a real dealbreaker. Apparently, when it comes to her latest film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the actress has trouble watching certain scenes ... the "KISSING" ones! She says:

It's really funny because when I watch the film back, there are a few things I can't watch. I can't watch the kissing scenes. I told the director (Stephen Chbosky) that I have just come from playing Hermione Granger and you are expecting me to dance and putting me in corsets, and it's difficult.

Ack, see what I mean? If dancing and wearing corsets is an issue, hoooo boy! I'm not sure she's quite ready to play Anastasia, you know? Not that we necessarily need porn stars to play Ana and Christian, but Emma might need to work on being a bit more comfy with adult roles before she ventures into BDSM fantasy territory. Then again ... it could be the role that gives her the push she needs to make a real transition! 

Do you think Emma Watson would make a good Anastasia Steele?



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sukainah sukainah

I'm sure she could make a good Anastasia Steele..why not?

nonmember avatar jenna

Emma's acting talent doesn't seem to go much further than the HP movies. If all these actresses (besides Jennifer Lawrence who has real acting ability) didn't have these epic movies to play in, they would probably go unnoticed. Emma is too boring and unconvincing, Kristen is same basically with every damn character, predictable and lazy.

dusky... dusky_rose

For some reason, I just can't see her in that role.

Kristen Wagar Faircloth

She may feel like she is not ready, but it is THAT that will make her a perfect "innocent" Anastasia.

coppe... copperswifey

I'm not sure if she could handle the role or not :)

Taylor Campisi

Miss Goody Two shoes is in the wrong section, we need a real mature actress for this role not some cutesy little bitch!!

Carol McCaughtry Christoff

I don't think she is the person for this role. I really don't know who is, but she is too young, and that hair do wouldn't fit in.  I have read all three of the books, enjoyed them all, I just see her in that movie, if there is ever going to be one.


Chell LaVallie

I don't can't see her playing ana, just for the simple fact of the HP movies.....and seriously to play a role like this, u can not be shy or uncomfortable.

nonmember avatar smiley dude

She could work as Ana. She's the same age, same color of the hair, all she has is to wear contacts. Regarding her "attitude" that she's too innocent, I think that's the best part because that who Ana is. Though if she's not the one casted, it's ok as long as Ana is not a porn star. That would ruin the whole essence of Ana.

*JUST an opinion, not demanding anything. :)

EmmaL... EmmaLovesAlan

Her shyness could actually be what would make her a very good Anastasia. And rejecting an actor/actress for a role because of his/her hair? Are you kidding me? There have been actresses who have put on a hundred pounds for roles (like Charlize Theron), worked out like maniacs (Hilary Swank) and Emma Watson can't dye her hair? Come on!

The fact that she was "Hermione Granger" would make a shitload of Snanger (Severus Snape/Hermione Granger) shippers (people who write or read stories with that pairing) watch the movie many, many times, even if the delicious Alan Rickman isn't playing that Christian dude. If Emma Watson played Anastasia Steele there would be so much material for Snanger vids! I really hope she gets the role, though I doubt it.

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