'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Clearly Didn't Learn Anything From Her Snooki Feud

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans is baaaaaaack! After a brief hospitalization during which the overly dramatic Teen Mom moaned to the world that she was dying, the reality star is back to her full fighting strength. Which means, naturally, that it was time for her to start another war with someone! So who did she pick this time? One Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino!

OK, OK, he's an easy target. And Evans went right where most of us would go -- the Jersey Shore star's rather obvious obsession with his number one fan ... himself.


After the Situation tweeted not one but two photos of himself, Jenelle threw in her two cents:

"Let me just blow up everyone's Instagram timeline with my FACE, always!!" - @ItsTheSituation , kinda conceited muchhh?!

To be fair, she has a point. He's the guy who gave the world GTL after all.

But can we visit what happened the LAST time she decided to pick on a star of Jersey Shore? Jenelle blasted Snooki for being a bad mom (before the star had even given birth) over a quote that turned out to be fake. Snooki came out looking classy with a simple response pointing out the quote was false and blocking Jenelle, but the Teen Mom continued to dig herself a hole by continuing to go on about it until she finally apologized.

The black eye she had after that whole mess should have been a learning experience for Jenelle, but apparently not. The fact that she's picking on fellow reality stars who happen to get their paychecks from the same network doesn't even seem to throw her off. She just keeps on coming.

You have to wonder if she just loves fighting or if she actually thinks her own trainwreck life has given her leave to pick on other people and their problems.

So far The Situation hasn't even gone the Snooki route. He's ignored the jab from his fellow MTV reality star, meaning Jenelle got lucky this time. But she'd be wise to quit while she's ahead.

Do you think Jenelle just thrives on the drama or does she really think she's got room to talk here?


Image via MTV

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