Kristen Stewart's Marriage Proposal to Robert Pattinson Needs to Be Frickin' Fantastic

breaking dawn weddingDo I hear wedding bells? Looks like Kristen Stewart may have to marry Robert Pattinson if she wants to be forgiven. Hooray! A Robsten wedding. This is far beyond our wildest dreams. I mean, well, speaking for myself, anyway. Apparently Kristen and Robert's wedding was planned ages ago, long before the whole scandal.

But what I want to know is how Kristen will seal the deal. Notice I didn't say if -- I said HOW. Of course she'll agree to marry him! She couldn't bear to break our hearts a second time. I mean Robert's heart. Robert's heart! That's what I meant.

But she can't just say "okay I'll marry you whatever" in her usual Kristen manner. Kristen needs to propose to Rob, and she needs to make it extra special.


1. Kristen could drive Robert up to some undisclosed location in the Hollywood Hills where she's spelled out "Marry Me" in LA Dodgers caps.

2. She could deliver Edward Cullen's proposal to Bella Swan word for word, just with the genders reversed.

3. At the first Breaking Dawn 2 premiere, she could hire some of the paparazzi to suddenly throw down their cameras and do a lip dub dance to Bruno Mars' song "Marry Me."

4. Kristen could tie an engagement ring on a string around their dog Bear's neck and send him over to Robert. Awww!

5. Kristen could tattoo the words "Marry ... Me" under each armpit -- you know, because Robert loves him some KStew pits.

6. She could tell Robert he drives her inner goddess wild, but that there's something here in her twitchy palm he needs to check out -- OMG, it's a ring!

7. Kristen could just bite Edward on the neck and then paint her proposal in blood on his arm or something. What, too gross?

8. She could blindfold Robert and fly him to the hot Brazilian location where they filmed Bella and Edward's honeymoon.

Okay, I think I like that last one the best. I didn't say these would all be romantic, just special! Anyway, hope Kristen pops the question one way or another.

Do you think Kristen should propose to Robert? How should she do it?


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