'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Will Break Emily Maynard's Heart (VIDEO)

Sean LoweWell, it's official. Sean Lowe has been announced as the next Bachelor, proving that even though nice guys finish last -- sometimes they get a well deserved second chance. And while most women across America are pretty psyched about seeing him take a turn in the driver's seat on his quest for love -- it's hard not to wonder how him being The Bachelor will affect Emily Maynard.

She fell pretty hard for Sean, and even though everything worked out and she's happily engaged to Jef Holm, seeing Sean romance 25 other girls on TV may fire up just a twinge of jealousy -- and possibly a hint of regret about sending him home right before the final show.


And while there are plenty of Bachelors and Bachelorettes who have been accused of going on the show simply to kick off a career in showbiz, Sean Lowe really doesn't seem like the type of guy who fits the definition of a fame whore. (I tried to find something wrong with him in the past -- but came up dry.)

He's just such a stand-up guy, and even former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert admits that he's doing the show for all the right reasons. And she believes his ideal girl will be "very conservative, sweet, and family oriented." (Huh. That sounds an awful lot like Emily, doesn't it?)

Sean was a bit on the shy side on Emily's season, but he was perfectly clear about one thing -- he's ready to settle down, and he wants to be a husband and father. And there's a very good chance that seeing him as The Bachelor will remind Emily of his true intentions even further, and possibly make her regret not taking things to the next level with him.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Jef isn't a great guy or that he isn't right for Emily, because he is. But she also developed strong feelings for Sean over the course of her season, and it might prove to be pretty tough for her to watch him fall in love and possibly get engaged to another woman. Sometimes seeing an ex fall for someone else is exactly what we need to solidify our feelings for them, but hopefully in Emily's case, she'll still feel confident with her decision to start a life with Jef. (Of course, if she does change her mind, it would make for a pretty interesting "After the Final Rose" show.)

You can hear more about what Sean's looking for in a wife in this video clip.

Do you think Emily will have a hard time with Sean being The Bachelor?

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