Rihanna’s New Single ‘Diamonds’ Is One of Her Worst Songs to Date (LISTEN)

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rihannaRihanna must really like her some bling-bling, because it seems like that's all she can sing about. Her new single "Diamonds" off her yet-to-be released seventh studio album came out today, and it's deja vu all over again. Exactly 363 days ago, Rihanna released "We Found Love", a song that talks over and over about yellow diamonds. Maybe the Barbadian beauty really loves astronomy or maybe she's a fan of big ol' rocks, but either way, I'm kind of sick of hearing about diamonds, aren't you?

I mean, I guess if the song was catchy and made me want to dance, I'd be humming a different tune, but I am not in love with "Diamonds." It's boring and repetitive and makes me want to play "Take Care" over and over just to feel something, anything, again.

But like any Rihanna song, I bet "Diamonds" will become inescapable overnight, and by morning, everyone will be tapping their foot to it, regardless of its worthiness. That's the power Rihanna has.

This is the lead single off her album, which is rumored to be called 7th Wonder (get it? It's her seventh album? Lowl), which is also rumored to be dropping this November. Her subsequent 2013 tour is going to be named, wait for it, Diamonds.

Usually the first single off a new album is supposed to be the song with the most mass-appeal, the song that makes people want to buy the rest of the record. If "Diamonds" is the best they've got, I think we may be in trouble.

Maybe the seventh time's not a charm.


Do you like the song?


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nonmember avatar Marge

Sigh... I really wanted to like this song... And it's not a bad song, per se, but it's just boring. What a shame.

twweaty twweaty

boring song. not very catchy or appealing.. too bad i like some of her stuff.. but not this! 

Goats... GoatsRueTheDay

Astronomy? Do you mean geology?

cocob... cocobeannns

We Found Love grew on me. I don't like this at all.

linzemae linzemae

All of her songs are boring and repetitive. I have to change the radio when she comes on.

Susie19 Susie19

I actually really like it, I think it's a little different from what she normally does.  I'm so excited! I'm going to go see her in concert next year!  :)

Mommi... MommietoJB

"We found love" was my song but it was really only good because of the beats from calvin harris. I think she should dabble some more with mixing her style with house music. This is a little bit different then her typical stuff but the simple lyrics make me think she wrote it.

coppe... copperswifey

I don't hate it, but she has definitely put out better ones in the past. I think the part that bugs me when she says "Shine bright like a diamond" in the song. It sounds strange and kind of ruins the song in my opinion. :)

Bob192 Bob192

It's okay, not really much to the song.

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