Robert Pattinson's Latest Move Could Ruin Everything With Kristen Stewart

Robert PattinsonWell, well, well -- that sure didn't take long. They've only been back together for about 10 seconds, but already, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are living together again. And considering he wasted no time in putting the house he shared with her before she cheated with Rupert Sanders up for sale, I'm guessing this means Rob's shacking up in the beach house Kristen purchased not too long ago.

(But wait a minute -- isn't she supposedly living there with her mom? That arrangement could get a bit awkward.)


It's all well and good that Rob has forgiven Kristen for her actions and they've decided to give their relationship another shot -- but is rushing back into living together so soon after their breakup really such a good idea? Because it doesn't seem like either of them really thought this decision through -- and now they're playing house and acting like nothing ever went wrong between them and they're once again living in a land filled with roses and unicorns. (Yeah, sure.)

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Considering how quickly they broke things off after the news of Kristen's cheating was revealed, you'd think they'd be smart enough to take things slowly instead of hitting the fast forward button on patching things up. At one point, Rob was so devastated, he was even reportedly thinking about moving back to London, which was a pretty good indicator of just how heartbroken he was.

By rushing right back into living with Kristen, he hasn't given himself any time to heal, and he's still bound to harbor some resentment and negative feelings toward her. And then there's the whole "once a cheater always a cheater" thing. What if she strays from the relationship a second time? Will he immediately run for the border again? And then if she begs and pleads for him to come back, will he once again show up on her doorstep with a big smile on his face?

If these two are really serious about being together for the long haul, they should've entered back into their relationship at a much slower pace. It would've made so much more sense if they'd started casually dating again, and then worked up to the more serious milestones instead of rushing back into a huge commitment overnight.

And I can't pinpoint exactly why, but something in my gut is telling me this reconciliation will be pretty short-lived. Hopefully Rob won't put his suitcases in storage quite yet -- because he may need them again sooner than he thinks.

Do you think Robert and Kristen are moving too fast?


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