What 'Robert Pattinson' Is Really Thinking About Kristen Stewart (PHOTOS)

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Gosh, there have been so many Robert Pattinson heartbreak rumors swirling around since Kristen Stewart's cheating story broke. Who knows how our favorite heartbroken vampire babe is holding up. Wouldn't you just love to go right to the source and find out what's really going on in that messy-haired head of Rob's? Yeah, WE TOTALLY WISH.

Well, good news! In what might be a close second to getting up close and personal with Mr. Rob Pattinson himself, we found out exactly what Rob (or possibly the Rob doll who's for sale on eBay) is thinking. YES, WE ARE SERIOUS. He's glittery and no nonsense and often brazenly deboxed. In other words, he has no problem sharing the secrets behind those sexy, vacant, bedroom eyes.

Has Rob really forgiven Kristen and are they shacking up again so soon? Has he really gotten over the heartbreak already? What's really going on?!! HINT: Rob's bitter as all hell. Just ask the doll.

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cmjaz cmjaz

Lol. Thbose dolls are freakish

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Loved the one about the tooth brush!

cpratz cpratz

This fucking so Stupid!!! Get a life..

cpratz cpratz

This fucking so Stupid!!! Get a life..

Rita Curry

 This is, discusting!!! Dont you have anything, noteworthie to write about today. Not just that, Its, disrespectfull, to people, that are hurting. Sure, as hell, would not want your job. This kind of grap, really could not fall under the heading of your job??? Well,


























Tell me, this really doesn't fall under the heading, of your job, because this is making fun of, people hurting!!!!A complete waste of space, & a jingle in your damn pants. That's really what it boils down to, MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope you stumble getting out of the office, or on your next interview, & really make a fool of yourself!!!




xxshe... xxshelbyxxx

I agree. this is probably the dumbest article I've ever read...ever. were you bored and couldn't think of anything else??

lasombrs lasombrs

who ever took the time to take thos epics has way to much time on their hands lol. Those dolls are creepy looking. But the toothbrush thing is pretty funny!

Brenda Hickey

its like a bad car accident, i clicked on one article and kept reading a few more. whever writes for this page are complete idiots.

alana... alana2299

Wow, there's 3 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Thanks for the most pointless article ever.

nonmember avatar naden

kristen is gorgeous.love it

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