Lil Wayne's Courtroom Video Is Hysterical -- Look Out, Flava Flav!! (VIDEOS)

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lil wayneLil Wayne is a genius. That's right, you heard me: Lil Wayne. Dude is a genius. And I'm not even talking about his music (which, honestly, I'm not all that familiar with). I'm speaking strictly of his legal savvy. His cunning courtroom style. See, Lil Wayne is apparently suing Quincy Jones III over a documentary film because he thinks it's a "scandalous portrayal" of, you know, himself.

And as a result, a video deposition of Lil Wayne "answering" questions from Quincy's lawyer, Pete Ross, exists. Trust me, this is something to be VERY happy about. I don't care what anybody says about this guy being a drugged-up idiot -- Lil Wayne's seemingly random ramblings are anything but. His antics are clearly deliberate -- he's messing with the lawyer's head (and, for the record, even HE can't help but laugh)!

I could watch these video clips all day. I think my favorite is the one where Lil Wayne literally responds to every question -- even "Did you serve any time in jail?" with "I don't recall." (Hey, maybe he has amnesia!)

Other highlights include ...

His response to a question about the people he might have told about his feelings on the documentary:

The first person I likely woulda told woulda been God, cause i tell him everything.

When asked if he remembered telling God anything in partiular:

I don't remember, no.

After watching a video of Katie Couric interviewing Lil Wayne, Ross asked Wayne if the video was indeed an interview he gave to Katie Couric. Wayne's answer:

Is that a interview I gave with Katie Couric? What's your name again? That's a stupid-ass questions, Pete Ross. You just saw me give that interview to Katie Couric.

When asked if he recalled performing at a particular music festival with Kanye West:

I don't know ... but I know I did perform at this badass bitch's birthday party recently. She was crazy stupid!

I could go on, but you've really got to watch these clips for yourself to appreciate Lil Wayne's comedic talents. Hey, will somebody please give this guy a reality show?

Are you a Lil Wayne fan? Did this make you laugh?

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Desti... DestinyHLewis

He is a punk and incredibly disrespectful. I don't find this funny in any way, shape, or form. I find it disgusting you called this wanker a genius. He has no respect. I may not agree with most of your posts, but this one took the cake. It's funny that he just reinforced a stereotype?!? I thought you were a feminist liberal... Smh...

Lectrice Lee

What Stereo Type would that Be ? @DestinyHLewis I would like to know . I'm am familiar with his music. I'm not a fan but maybe his reasons dictate his answers'. did he serve time in jail is a stupid question it's public record and is being asked to discredit him ,Did you do a Interview with Katy ? when they just watched it .It is a ploy that attorneys use. He is a not dum by any means . Everyone wants to make money off his celebrity ......why should he respect anyone oh because It's politically correct ? The author may be a feminist liberal but I think your pre-comments are racist

banan... banana-bear

He seemed extremely disrespectful - so no, not funny at all. As quickly as fame comes, it goes. He should realize that before he's broke and lonely.

twili... twilightsbella

I dnt think lil wayne will be broke and lonely. Have u not noticed hes been famous since 1998. He aint going nowhere. Lil wayne is one of the best rappers of all time

kelti... kelticmom

While I may not agree with his lifestyle, you cannot deny that he is incredibly smart and talented. He had been writing/rapping since he was 15, he plays multiple instruments, writes all his lyrics, but doesn't actually write them down, he memorizes them and keeps them in his head. He is a self made millionaire, gives incredibly generously to his hometown of New Orleans, is constantly reinventing himself. You may not like him or his music, but don't write him off or "stereotype" him.

Susie19 Susie19

Wow, that wasn't funny at all.  He was actually very rude and disrespectful. SMH

tsk tsk

mitzy11 mitzy11

 He always looks dirty to me, i cant get pass his looks to acutally listen to anything he says.  yuck!

milkm... milkmama36

Wow that was hysterical. I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face as an interviewer.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Anybody who are stating he's dumb bought into his character. Lil Wayne have above average intelligence was in honor programs in school and have a business degree. He's far from stupid and will never be broke because he have his money working for him. The video is funny because those was dumb questions.

worki... workingmama86

He sounds like he is fucked up on something... but sure enough, he had me laughing. I wouldn't call him genius though! 

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