‘RHONY’ Jerk Aviva Drescher Is Totally the New Teresa Giudice

aviva and teresaIf you watched The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday and The Real Housewives of New York on Monday, then one, let's be best friends, and two, you must have noticed an odd, unavoidable similarity between RHONJ villain Teresa Giudice and RHONY jerk Aviva Drescher. The way they intentionally try and hurt their cast-mates, the way they think they're above reproach, the way they send in a man to do their dirty work ... Aviva and Teresa are more alike than they are different.

That may be hard for the tall blondie to take -- she doesn't like to be associated with trailer turds -- but that's too bad. Don't think just because Aviva can spell "metaphor" that she's somehow better than Teresa "Ingredientses" Giudice. All the pearls, fur stoles, and UES apartments in the world couldn't hide the fact that Aviva is the new Teresa.

Case in point -- THE BRUNCH.

I don't know how she did it, but Aviva actually made me feel sorry for Ramona. Ms. Manners invited Ramotional to brunch, told the cameras that she did so to ensure that her guest would be sober, and spent the next half hour laying into Ramona ... for what ... what was it? For being drunk on vacation? For spooning with her best friend? For going skinny-dipping? Something like that.

But here's the thing. Aviva had laid into Ramona about their trip, and laid into anyone else who would listen, numerous times before. Did she need to do it again? No, but Aviva knew that getting together with Ramona, on camera, "to clear the air" about Slutty Island was the perfect time for her to pop a mean-spirited intervention on Ramona. YOU'RE A DRUNK! YOU ARE 56 YEARS OLD! It was a set-up, and it made Aviva look like a really huge bitch.

Know who else loves a set-up? Teresa. Strippergate 2012: 'Nuf said.

Then Aviva started playing the victim. She wanted an APOLOGY. She was OFFENDED. She wanted to support Ramona's charity, because she's, like, really a nice woman? Who, like, really likes supporting causes? But she couldn't face the music. So she sent in a pair of teeth, oh, what? That was her dad? My bad. So she sent her dad to do her dirty work.

Know who else loves to play the victim then send in a guy to deliver the punch? Teresa. The "bald guy": Teresa :: George : Aviva.

The only real difference is that Teresa kind of has an excuse. I mean, she's ... not smart. But Aviva! Well, Queen Aviva went to law school, went to Vassar, speaks several languages, and she hears and understands everything, you guys.

Well, hear and understand this, Aviva: you are one feather-sleeved dress and court indictment away from becoming a member of the Giudice family. Cut it out, or in four seasons, you'll be more hated than Teresa at a family reunion.

Do you think Aviva and Teresa are kind of the same?


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nonmember avatar ll

You are correct. Both despicable excuses for humans. And so delusional.

nonmember avatar Kate

Aviva is horrible. Isn't the "leg" thing getting old? She sounds like she's 12 years old. Ramon is real.

Sarah Burns

Wow, yes, and she seemed so calm and collected in the opening episodes.  I never would have suspected her to be a prickly, hateful, viper!

Dixie Aguilar

I didn't like Heather at first lol.. but Aviva acted like an ass and acted like everyone should give her brownie points and bow down that she made the trip.. Luann stirs the pot because frankly no one cares about her. Aviva introduces her father who talked about squirting orgasms at the dinner table, but is offended that Ramona swam naked and drank a lot on vacation?? wow.. another Teresa for sure

nonmember avatar Kim Vanstone

Couldn't have said it better myself!!! I don't really like Ramona but i kind of felt sorry for her for a minute. But really Aviva is about the lowest of the low. She is as hypocritical as Vicky and as evil as Teresa...

Dana Hansen Szymanski

i like teresa and i think theyre nothing alike. aviva is just a stuck up bimbo. Teresa has been trying and people just wont give her the chance. When youre surrounded by trash of the nature that teresa is, its hard not to act the way she does sometimes. Shes just sticking up for herself and dont take crap from anyone. Aviva should hang out with caroline manzo. Theyre both ugly, old and ignorant!!!!

Maureen Halperin- Fingerman

You are so correct! I cannot stand Aviva and her holiness. How can her husband support her. Her sister in law Fran must be dying from her. What an embarrassment. Who gave her the authority to come and spoil all the fun. If the producers wanted a new person to hate, like Jill Zarin trouble maker number 1, they found it! Aviva, is the a real person we love to hate!

Michelle McCann Gullickson

Absolutely not!! Aviva is smart, sweet and classy!! Teresa isn't anything like that at all!! She's dumb, mean, and trashy. Aviva just got her feelings hurt in St Barts, she didn't hurt anyone!! Teresa hurts everyone because she is a jealous back stabber who doesn't care about anyone but herself!!

Jacquie Singleton

Aviva and Teresa are not even in the same hemisphere. Aviva is a beautiful, classy lady with great family ties and her dad took it upon himself to hold that idiot bitch Ramona to taske for her nasty, disgusting behavior. Teresa is a classless, disgusting bitch and the only family that backs her up are the ones she has to support and probably visit in prison very soon.

This is a no contest!

Misael Maldonado

Aviva, told ramona that her husband cheated on her, who the hell does that, she may have a "classy" look, but inside she pure trash.

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