Can J.K. Rowling's New Novel Save Us From the '50 Shades of Grey' Apocalypse?

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the casual vacancyThose who have been anxiously anticipating the release of J.K. Rowling's new novel won't have to wait much longer, as The Casual Vacancy will officially be found on store shelves this Thursday. And while die-hard Harry Potter fans will likely be standing in line to score one of the first copies, this book is a far cry from a children's novel.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, The Casual Vacancy is a book meant for adults' eyes only, as it promises to touch on topics such as drugs, sexuality, and even prostitution.

Wait a second -- sexuality? Did someone say sexuality? OMG. Could this book potentially be the one to knock Fifty Shades of Grey out of the spotlight once and for all? (How awesome would that be?)

There's a pretty good chance of that happening -- especially since The Casual Vacancy is written by a world renowned author who actually knows how to write (sorry E. L. James, but it's true) -- and from the description, it sounds like it has a definite plot, which is something Fifty Shades totally lacks.

The story is set in an English village called Padford, and centers around a town councilman dying, which starts a class warfare between another town, called Fields. And somewhere in the middle of all that is where the sex, drugs, and rock and roll (or something to that effect) come in.

OMG. Is this a welcome change from Fifty Shades or what? J.K.'s book deals with real problems and issues instead of focusing on lip biting and red rooms of pain -- and possibly has the potential to bring America back from the brink of reading insanity. Because let's face it -- even if you were entertained by Fifty Shades of Grey, it isn't exactly what anyone would deem a literary masterpiece.

Readers desperately need a good book to obsess over instead of getting caught up in the frenzy of someone else's sexual fantasies. And considering just how successful J.K. Rowling was with her Harry Potter series, it would kind of be a huge shock if The Casual Vacancy doesn't turn up on the reading list of book clubs all over the country.

And maybe, just maybe -- we'll finally start hearing intelligent discussions among adults instead of listening to people constantly talk about lip biting, spanking, blindfolds, and being tied to their own bedposts after the kids go to bed at night.

(C'mon J.K., you HAVE to salvage what's left of the intelligence of the general adult population with The Casual Vacancy -- you just HAVE to.)

Do you plan on reading J.K.'s new book?


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Vanessa Vargas

I think I would read it but I hate when people slam 50. I read it, and loved it. I read for fun and it was fun to read. I guess that what closed minded people will do to you.

nonmember avatar Tina R

Oh please let this be the book for me. After the trilogy that was Fifty Shades, I am ready for a well written book for adults.

Jeri Alexander

I don't think this will beat 50 shades of Grey no way!!!!! I just read through what the book is about and it's nothing compared to E.L. James.....Who ever posted this (Mary Fischer) guess again. There's no way this will beat 50 shades of grey! HA!

Nicole Jordan

I have been trying to figure out the frenzy over "50 Shades".  I thought the book was horrible and the sex scenes mediocre.  I have read much better erotica.  Try Selena Kitts.  Was it just me, or was "50" the most repetitious thing you have ever read?---She bit her lip and peeked out from her half closed lashes, blah, blah, blah!  

nonmember avatar Stephanie

I will for sure read this new book. But, Im so sick of hearing people slam 50. There was nothing wrong with that book at all. The writer had to have done something right cause it captured a huge audience. I will continue to read anything else she writes. Good job on 50 E.L. James :)

Marissa De Lory

 50 Shades of Lame is not an epic work of art. Erotica has been around forever. Good erotica, too. The stunted descriptions and lack of imagination regarding the sex scenes as well as the "plot line" that every single friend of mine has used to describe how awful those books are tells me they are only good to line a hamster's cage with. JK Rowling is an exeptional writer and her storytelling has kept my attention from middle school  to well past college. I love her. I'm really looking forward to reading her next book.

Julie Lynn

Hmmmm people just dont understand the content of 50 shades so of course they are gonna knock it....

Butte... ButterflyEyesxX

Hemmmm...Maybe??...Personally I think 50 shades of grey is not a masterpiece, it's a great read. It's escapade of reality makes it an excellent story-telling novel, of someone feeling things in own flesh, I've felt things in flesh with that book. It may have cliches, but it's hell of a must-read. This book I can tell is much detailed, intense, graphic, and xxx... I can read this book and still feel 50 shades is not trash

Butte... ButterflyEyesxX

I love fifty shades all the wayyy <3

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