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Amber PortwoodAfter weeks of rumors, MTV has finally confirmed that Amber Portwood will get her own Behind Bars TV special, shot from inside the Indiana prison where she's serving time. Of course this is the Teen Mom series we're talking about, so controversy over the network's decision was inevitable, but there's one question that needs to end: "Is it inappropriate for MTV to go into a prison just to get an interview with Amber?"

I don't know. Is it inappropriate for any documentary filmmaker to go into a prison to interview a subject? Because like it or not, America, that's what Teen Mom is supposed to be, a documentary-style television show.

It's one that we know is edited and even feels staged at times (just check out the episodes when Catelynn mysteriously gets a perfectly timed phone call from her adoption counselor if you don't believe me), but the fact remains that Teen Mom (and 16 and Pregnant for that matter) are being packaged as documentation of what happens in these girls' lives. The cameras are there, tracking it all so they can relate a story, then packaging it so it's at its most entertaining. Following Amber into prison is the next logical step in telling this story.

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Trouble with the law happens to teen parents too, especially teen parents who buckle under the pressure of having a baby at 16 and turn to opiates as Amber did. By showing what has become of this girl, the producers at Teen Mom have a chance to undo the "glorifying teen pregnancy" image that's come with the popularity of their stars. There's nothing glamorous about five years doing hard time.

As for what message it sends that prison officials would let MTV on the inside, I'm not sure what damage this can really do to Amber. She already voluntarily committed herself to five years in prison rather than kick her drug habit. Got that? VOLUNTEERED herself. She's in the only place left that can help her, and she's got a long, long time to go after the cameras leave.

Even in TV terms, the Behind Bars special will hardly break any barriers. We've see the likes of Matt Lauer or Diane Sawyer going inside to get interviews with Bernie Madoff-types thousands of times on the news. We've seen documentaries like Rikers High that followed kids not much younger than Amber through the high school system at New York's infamous Rikers Island prison. There are even entire reality shows that center around prison life, from the heartwarming Louisiana Lockdown about prisoners working with animals to the grim Lockup about the conditions inside America's more notorious corrections facilities.

Coupled with the additional Teen Mom follow-ups the network is expected to air in October, a look at Amber behind bars is more evidence that MTV isn't ready to let go of their popular cash cow than it is of anything really inappropriate.

Will you be watching Amber Behind Bars: An MTV Special?


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Mary Cimino

No I will not be watching it, I've had enough of Teen Mom. They keep beating the horse after it's dead. And to those who will be saying she chose prison over her kid, she's addicted to drugs. As a former addict I know how hard it is to kick the habit, I worked a homeless shelter for over a year to keep clean. Maybe prison was the best option for her, I know all that community service was the right option for me. Little did I know that my future children would have an honorary uncle who is a deaf-mute. Helped my kids learn sign language fast.

Tara Cait Walsh

I will be watching it. I love all the teen moms. I feel that Amber made the right choice for herself. Yes she will not be able to see her daughter as much if at all but she will be able to spend a lot more time with her once she is clean and sober form drugs. She probably needed some time to get clean and help to stay clean. In jail you can't just be like well i miss my daughter so even though ur saying to stay I'm going to go home to be able to see my kid. In jail its oh well should of thought about that before hand. I think jail will help Amber out and help her change her life around.

Debbie Scott

I love these girls , i was very sad to see the show go off, yes i will be watching Amber's special , you know everyone that is bashing her should take a good , hard , long look at yourself , im sure we have all made mistakes , some of us are just bigger than others and can admit that we did wrong and that we want to do right , Amber realized that she had a problem , she is getting help for it , no it may not have been the best decision to choose prison , but she chose what she thought was right for her , maybe she thought this was the surefire way to get the help she needed , so enough with the Amber bashing , if you all dont like her then dont comment it is as simple as that , she does not need to read , see or hear the stupid comments people post , everybody messes up now and then , so give her a damn break , cause there is noone on here that is a saint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beent... beenthere78

yes, and im behind Amber 100%. She has alot of issues to work out, and we all must remember....she is a very young lady who has alot of growing up to do with the additional stress of teen motherhood and drug addiction. DONT JUDGE.confused

Trist... TristanMitchael

Heck no I won't be watching. I didn't like watching her on Teen Mom. She is a young mom, with an addiction, and being on a popular show didn't help her any. She needs to focus on getting her life back together and getting better, not focused on being the center of attention on a new TV show. Move on.

Norma... Norman155

She made the choice! It dumb that these druggies want everyone to feel sorry for their bad choices get over yourself who cares. Let's replace that show with something positive.

Norma... Norman155

She made the choice! It dumb that these druggies want everyone to feel sorry for their bad choices get over yourself who cares. Let's replace that show with something positive.

beckyj06 beckyj06

I have never liked her she was always just such a bitch... Fame only made it worse. She won't get better if the cameras are still on her.

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