'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: No Wonder Aviva Drescher Acts So High & Mighty

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Ramona Singer and GeorgeAviva Drescher and Ramona Singer had it out tonight on The Real Housewives of New York City, and, by George, it wasn't pretty. Aviva still wasn't over the way Ramona treated her when she arrived in St. Barts (there was no sign!), and she invited her to brunch to let her have it once again.

So in a restaurant that all the patrons must have signed waivers to pretend not to notice the major argument they were having (seriously, not one person near them even glanced their way, which was totally weird and distracting), they rehashed the same old argument. Aviva threw out "disgusting" about 1,000 more times to describe the way Ramona greeted her on the island, and then started in accusing Ramona of being an alcoholic, telling her she's driving Sonja to drink, and randomly that friends don't let friends drive drunk.

There was also some talk of metaphors (m-e-t-a-p-h-o-r), but she kind of lost me there. Oh, and she also accused Sonja and Ramona of spooning naked in the bed together in St. Barts. Ramona called her uptight and boring and said that she just makes things up. 

Now whether Ramona drinks too much or not is debatable, and yes, it was bizarre she was wearing those sunglasses inside the restaurant, but Aviva has no business calling her out as an alcoholic based on one girls' weekend and a few random parties in the past couple of months since she's joined RHONY. Lots of people like to let loose, especially on girls' weekends, and just because Aviva is uber uptight doesn't mean Ramona is necessarily the one with the problem. I kept thinking that maybe if Aviva would drink something other than chamomile tea, maybe she'd loosen up a bit.

So Ramona left, telling Aviva she was happy with who she was, and that was supposed to be that. Only it wasn't, because the next thing you knew, there was Aviva's dad, George, at Ramona's charity event in her face demanding an apology for his daughter.

At a women's event designed to raise money for helping abused women, he was attacking Ramona and Sonja for something he really had no knowledge of beyond his daughter's account. And he wasn't subtle or diplomatic either. "You done wrong," he said as soon as he saw Sonja. Ramona told him she didn't want his money until Aviva apologized, and he just kept telling her she was wrong.

What was wrong was Aviva sending him there in the first place. If she wanted to make a donation, she could have easily sent a check in the mail. That, however, never dawned on her, she said. Yeah right.

Eventually Ramona had George escorted out after he grabbed her arm and wouldn't leave, and Carole Radziwill went with him. To her he called Ramona a "trailer turd," I believe. I guess that's where Aviva gets her name calling thing from as well as so much more. As Sonja said, "No wonder Aviva thinks the world revolves around her." Queen Aviva, indeed.

Do you think Aviva was wrong to send her father to Ramona's event?


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nonmember avatar AmandaCM

that shit was crazy!!! hahahahahahahahaha I HATE RAMONA, TOO THOUGH!!!

nonmember avatar AmandaCM

Andy Cohen should replace Ramona.

youth... youthfulsoul

Ramona's annoying but Aviva is even more so, if that's possible. Did she seriously expect the red carpet and a party for flying to the girl's weekend? Get a grip lady.

Patsy Hendricks

Not a fan of Ramona,but really cant stand Aviva now.What a stuck up Bitch...Who does she think she is....Bravo get rid of her,shes trouble...Watch out.And her father,what a scum bag.....Hes creapy,wasnt she pimping him out a few showes ago...sick family....

Rhonda Comfort

Ok Bravo can dump both Ramona and Aviva very tired of Ramona and Aviva doesn't do anything for the show..But WAIT there's more. From the Previews for next week Sonja is back on the Photo Shoot saying she is entitled to more.. More what? Damn Sonja you got all that for FREE. You do know what FREE means don't you

nonmember avatar Farrah Rochelle

Aviva is a terror!! For such a "classy, educated," woman - she surely has the mouth of the "white trash" she seems to know so much about. What a horrible human being. She should be ashamed. I hope Reid leaves her after seeing her antics on TV. She deserves to be alone and miserable. Maybe then she will learn her words are just as brutal as a punch or kick. Talk about abusive, and cowardly, sending her father to Ramona's party. Pathetic.

nonmember avatar kim vanstone

I'm suprised Aviva isn't freaking out about how high that horse is she's on. I didn't think is was possible but she is making Ramona look sane. Please find a new cast for that show, Heather is the only one who has any class.

nonmember avatar Scarlett

Omg!! Aviva get a flippen clue..you look like such a Sick Pathetic Human..Wow! Send Dad that's a Repulsive Perv..Gross! & Aviva thinks its funny..Such a Sleazzz bag..so Hypicritical.. Talk about *White Trash* like Father like Daughter..worry about your Sick Fears, Husband, & your #1 priority--Children..For being So Smart, Aviva -Very Stupid..She was Dupped, r u kidding, By Who?? She knew all these women & what they were about before she Auditioned for show, & her buying the crap w her Dad, Aviva You Need to b Ashamed of Your Family, Dad..Please get Aviva Help, she needs it, Reidiva..needs to stop Enabling, as she says Ramona enables Sonja, Hek, Reid is Worse, he needs to say No, u can do it w/out Me! Don't enable her Stable her..

Justa... Justamom283

No Aviva shouldn't have sent her dad but I also think Ramona shouldn't have turned down the money. She could of let him put it in the bowl when he first presented it and be done with it. She let her pride get bigger than the point of the event. Which leads me to believe this wasn't a real charity event just some Bravo created party to get the players in the same room so drama can ensue.

Rachel Castillo-Santiago

I think Aviva was wrong in sending her Dad to the event.  I also think Aviva is a bully with all the name calling.


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