Kristen Stewart Says She's 'Daring' Enough to Play Anastasia Steele

kristen stewartSit down Fifty Shades of Grey fans, I have some news. A new potential Anastasia Steele has just been thrown into the mix, and you might not like it: Kristen Stewart. I know. The woman formerly known as one-half of "Robsten" just might be in the running for one of the most-talked about roles in cinematic history. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you want to bend it over your knee and spank it like the naughty idea it is?

Although she hasn't read Fifty Shades in its entirety, Stewart has confessed to having read "large excerpts from the book," and when asked whether or not she'd be so bold as to play such a, uh, kinky character, she pointed out that, well, she is daring.


Stewart, in her typical, difficult-to-understand manner, put the following words together in an attempt to answer a question regarding 50SOG: "I haven’t read it, and so I mean, I know what you are talking about, I’ve definitely read some of ‘those bits’ [laughs]. It’s really nuts, I couldn’t believe it. I see people reading it and I’m like: 'Dude you are in public, what are you doing?' [Laughs] But I’m pretty daring. It just takes the right story, and so I don’t know because I haven’t read it. I’m not avoiding it or anything. I just think it’s been made this big deal, so I don’t even know how to answer that question."

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Soooo, do you want to play the role or not, KStew? I wasn't able to glean much from that "answer." If my interpretation is correct, it sounds like you're not totally against the idea, right?

Personally, I think KStew would do a bang-up job as Anastasia Steele (heh). I mean, she does have experience in the sexy times department; she could draw from her recent experiences, use them as a learning tool. And, hey, everyone loved her in Twilight, and she had, like, no experience as a vampire. Imagine the heights she could reach with this role.

Again, though, this is just more speculation about who will play Anastasia. I'm sure in a few hours, we'll be hearing about someone new who's been "thrown into the mix." I vote KStew, though. Come on, guys, she's had a rough run. 

Who would you like to see play Anastasia Steele?

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