2012 Emmys Opening Skit Includes Naked Cake Eating, Botox Mishaps & a Jimmy Kimmel Beatdown (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel opening Emmy skitThe 2012 Emmy Awards had no shortage of fun quirky moments. From John Stewart's major F-bomb to Tracy Morgan "passing out on stage" -- I was laughing throughout a majority of the shindig. My fave part of the entire show, though? The opening skit. Launching with Zooey Deschanel and Christina Hendricks practicing their "I can't believe I won!" faces in a backstage mirror, a distraught Kimmel comes in hysterically crying and closes himself in a bathroom stall. Kathy BatesMindy Kaling, and Connie Britton join the two ladies in an effort to get to Jimmy's stall and calm him down and, in the process, stumble upon a naked Lena Dunham from Girls eating cake in a stall next to him.

I know, there's a lot going on here. This is a skit that will have you keeling over in laughter. Check out the 2012 Emmys opening skit here:


Botox! Seriously, any time that there's a Real Housewives reference made involving Botox, it generally makes for pretty funny television. And holy wow, get a load of Dunham! I love how casual she is just chilling there in the buff, eating cake. Makes me excited for Girls season 2 in January.

Hands down, the Emmy Awards producers did a great job of putting together an excellent mixed bag of talent for the opening. I may not be the biggest Zooey fan, but she and Hendricks had a fun chemistry together. Combine that with the hilarity that is Kathy Bates and a brief appearance from that gaggle including Heidi Klum and Ryan Seacrest and holy wow -- Ellen DeGeneres?! Tons of big names that arguably could have been WAY too much to handle at once, yet worked together just right. Emmy Awards 2013: It's gonna be hard to top this one.

What did you think of the opening Emmys skit?

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