'SNL' Rips Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart in a Ridiculously Funny Way (VIDEOS)

robert pattinson bill haderEven the most hardcore Twi-Hard has to admit: When it comes to the off-screen drama that seems to be unfolding almost constantly between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, you can't help but laugh. At least, that's how the writers of Saturday Night Live seem to feel, because last night, they took not one but two amazing jabs at the reportedly on-again Twilight lovebirds.

For anyone who has been following the way both RPatz and KStew have been handling the media circus that is their lives over the past few months, the SNL gags were a total laugh riot! Check 'em out ...


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First up was a spoof of Live with Kelly & Michael, in which Vanessa Bayers and Jay Pharoah portrayed the practically dementedly perky and upbeat morning hosts. Their guest? Robert Pattinson, as portrayed by Bill Hader, who comes on to discuss his film Cosmopolis ... But of course, that's not what ends up happening!

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And then, during "Weekend Update," Seth Meyers explained how Rob and Kristen are rumored to be back together, and made a joke about how Kristen's reacting to the reunion. (Go to the 11:40 mark to see the bit ...)

Admit it -- Rob totally has come off as brooding as Edward Cullen, and Kristen does walk around slouching and scowling 99 percent of the time. That's why this is a riot! I'm sure even they can laugh at the way they come off in the media. So there's no reason we shouldn't!

Did you get a kick out of these SNL skits? What's your favorite RPatz and KStew spoof of all time?


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