'50 Shades of Grey' Author Is Completely Set on One Star for the Movie (VIDEO)

e.l. james on katie couricFifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James' -- aka Erika Leonard's -- interview with Katie Couric had to be the most revealing she's given by far. Sure, a lot of what she said was a complete and total TEASE -- like telling us that she has three actors in mind for Christian, and four actresses in mind to play Ana, but not saying who any of them are -- but she was also pretty forthcoming about several other aspects of the book and the casting process. Like how she revealed one person who she'd love to see star in the flick: Herself!

James noted, "I've actually written myself into the book. I play a very tiny cameo role, and I might try and do that if I'm asked to ... we'll see. It'd be interesting to know if people can find me in the books." Whaaa!? Who woulda thunk!


I'd bet most of us have thought all along that the author wrote Anastasia as a fantasy, fictionalized version of her younger self. But as it turns out, she actually wrote herself in as another bit part? Interesting! I can't even begin to think who she might be ... Ana's mother, Carla? Not Mrs. Robinson or Dr. Grace Grey, right? None of those even seem to fit the description of a "tiny cameo role," though. Who could she be?!

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Either way, sounds like the mystery will be solved when the film comes out. Or they start shooting, depending on how locked-down they can keep certain set secrets! And no matter who she's playing, seeing E.L. pop up in the flick would be priceless. Cameos are fabulous to begin with. (Who could forget when Larry Flynt played the judge in The People vs. Larry Flynt or when author Emily Giffin popped up as an extra on a park bench extra in Something Borrowed? Awesome!) But as with anything that's the brain child of E.L. James, I have a feeling this cameo will be particularly mind-blowing.

If you didn't catch it, here's a clip of E.L. James on Katie talking about who she'd like to see cast in the film ...


Which character do you think E.L. James wrote herself into the book as?

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