'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout's Exes Are Getting a Little Too Friendly

Maci Bookout Kyle KingIt has been a rough month for Teen Mom star Maci Bookout. First her TV show ends (seriously, MTV, can we call it over now or do you have a FOURTH finale special up your sleeve?). Then she and boyfriend Kyle King break up -- for the second time. And now she's got to deal with her ex-boyfriend and her first love getting all buddy buddy. I've got one word for that: Awkward!

There hasn't been much detail on why Maci and Kyle called it quits this time. We know (courtesy of one of those MTV finales) that they split earlier this year because he was getting chummy with other girls online. But now that they're once again broken up, Kyle's got a new chum in mind: Ryan Edwards, aka Bentley's dad, aka Maci's former fiance.


It seems awfully suspicious, doesn't it?

The two guys have seemed to have a general distaste for one another for as long as Kyle's been around. Who can forget Ryan asking Maci if Kyle was "slow" a few years back? But now Maci and Kyle are broken up, and Kyle and Ryan are suddenly acting like best buds on Twitter. They've got a motocross ride day planned and everything.

Technically these two have every right to hang out, and Maci really can't say anything about it. They're adults; they can choose their own friends. But if I'd just gotten out of a relationship with a guy to find out he'd suddenly befriended another one of my exes, I would be nervous. What could the two of them suddenly have in common besides the obvious?

If this is just a chance to get together with another one of Maci's exes so Kyle can vent to someone who has been there, I guess he deserves the shoulder to cry on so to speak. But here's what bugs me: as Bentley's dad, Ryan has to deal with Maci for the rest of his life. Kyle, on the other hand, can leave and never come back.

If he wants to drag Ryan into a Maci-bashfest, he better realize that this could hurt a little boy in the long run.

What do you think of Kyle and Ryan becoming friends? Would you be nervous if your exes were hanging out together?


Image via MTV

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