Jennifer Aniston Has Been 'Pregnant' 15 Times ... at Least

Jennifer Aniston Has Been 'Pregnant' 15 Times ... at Least

jennifer anistonJennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Aniston. How many times have you been pregnant, woman? According to the mags, you've had at least 17 kids (two sets of twins!). That's impressive -- and might I say, for a lady who's birthed so many babies, you look great! Who's your doctor? His work is tremendous. Also, for a celeb who likes to keep a fairly low-profile, it's awfully nice of you to always announce your pregnancies via rag mag. Shows you really put your fans first. Before your family even. Hell, before yourself!

Here are the many "OMG I'm Pregnant!" Jennifer Aniston magazine covers ... and one is yet to be true!


Image via US Weekly

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