‘Teen Mom’s Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra’s Wedding Drama Will Air in a Spinoff

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Looks like the 15 minutes of fame will continue for a couple more of the Teen Mom stars. Catelynn Lowell and fiance Tyler Baltierra may have snagged a spinoff.

During an exclusive interview with Celebuzz.com, Catelynn's dad David revealed they have already begun filming, and this show promises even more drama than their now-canceled MTV hit.

The focus will be on the couple's upcoming nuptials, which are scheduled to take place July 13, 2013. Wedding planning always promises a lot of drama, and I doubt Catelynn, Tyler, and their families will disappoint.

Fans know the pair's back story all too well. The young lovers gave up their daughter Carly for adoption and have been conflicted about the decision ever since. Their relationships with their parents have been incredibly rocky at times too. Though, so far, everyone is invited and participating in some way. Catelynn's biggest request of her dad so far? Arrive on time. “We’ll share the all-important father-daughter dance and I’ll have the honor of walking her down the aisle,” added the proud pop.

They aren't the only Teen Mom stars likely to pop back onto the small screen. Word is Farrah Abraham is close to inking a deal too. So no need to mourn the ending of the show. We will probably get to watch them grow old ... or at least a few wrinkles.

As for Catelynn, no hint of bridezilla antics just yet, but it's early. Whatever happens, we'll see a play by play thanks to those ever-invasive MTV cameras.

Will you watch any Teen Mom spinoffs or are you over it?


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tammy... tammyc1106

I think that a spin off would be great :) I think they have turned out the best out of any of the couples. Good for them and hopefully they have a long and happy life together :)

Nichole Osterhout

i hope Carlynne and Tyler to a spine off that would be so cool to see happen. i love Carlynne and Tyler.

Debbie Morgan Hacker

i love those two; can't stand farrah all she does is whine and talking to her parents like they are dogs

Carol99 Carol99

After getting to know them for 4 years, I'd like to see their wedding.

nonmember avatar meagan

I think Tyler and Caitlyn deserve a spinoff. They are so adorable and sweet together. It is amazing to me that these two kids can be so responsible when they have such horrible examples for parents. I would love to see their wedding plans and share in their big day. I adopted a little girl and I am in touch with her birthmom and know how difficult it is to place a child for adoption. Placing a child for adoption is a SelfLESS act NOT a selfish act. They did what they know was best for their daughter. I hope that many people will learn from their example. Im so happy for them that they are getting married and are happy together. I truly hope that Carly will be able to attend the wedding, even if they keep her identity private and dont show her on camera.

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