Crazy Ramona Singer Blames ‘Slutty Island’ Trip on Bravo

ramona singerSounds like Aviva Drescher had a meeting with the New York Daily News because a "source" spilled some gossip to the paper about the trip The Real Housewives of New York took to St. Barts. The source claims that Ramona and Sonja were so drunk and debaucherous that they were hurling things at the cameras and straddling the film equipment, naked. Producers were evidently appalled by their behavior and sat the "ladies" down to have a conversation about what is and what isn't appropriate. In case you were wondering, Ramona's 55 and Sonja's 48.

But of course, Ramona has a rebuttal. She's taken that glass of Pinot Grigio away from her lips long enough to defend herself, and her excuse? Oh, you guys, Ramona said she was just exhausted on the island after a long day of working. YUP! Working.


Here's what she told WetPaint:

The day we arrived in St. Barts, we worked non-stop from 4 a.m. until 11 p.m. <Glug> Typically, the cast is given half a day to recover from traveling. <Glug> That didn’t happen in this case. <Glug> <Glug> <Glug>.

Glugs added by me.

Anyway! Can you believe that Ramona just said her behavior is excusable because she was so tired from all that hard work she did? I guess sitting by the pool, flitting around a multimillion-dollar island mansion, and eating delicious foods prepared by delicious chefs was just too much for her. TOO MUCH!

Last time I checked, having a camera crew follow you around isn't the same as working a 19-hour shift at the canning factory. And if it is, in fact, so hard to be on a reality show, what, exactly, are we missing?

Are there rehearsals? Table reads? Does Ramona have a quota of wine she must get through per her contract with Bravo? Is Andy Cohen in the background dressed in shorts and a sweatband, making the women warm up by jumping up and down and yelling, "You're down here!" "I'm up here!" over and over?

If not, then Ramona needs to STFU. Working! Please. What an embarrassment.

Do you think Ramona is nuts, or what.


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