Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's 'Reunion' Deserves a Standing Ovation

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bella edward new moonOkay, so, it was really tough to say whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were actually "back together" this past weekend, when the only report circulating originated in the tabloid The Sun. But now that a bunch of other publications are onboard with the story, it's kinda looking like there's some solid evidence to support that being the case. Or to support the fact that they're saying they're back together now, as they may have actually been together the whole time, and the entire scandal may have very well been a sham.

Whew, anyway, sources have told Us Weekly that the two recently "had a dramatic makeup" in Los Angeles. Apparently, RPatz agreed to meet his "estranged love" on several occasions, and now, "they're working it out." Why? Because Rob's "still in love with her." Cue collective "aaawww!"s or "boooo!"s.

For argument's sake, let's just assume that KStew really did cheat (and this wasn't a total PR stunt). And it was a one-off indiscretion. Or even worse. She has been saying she is sorry and loves Robert first and foremost all along. He has always seemed completely besotted with her. So, there's something to be said for a couple acknowledging that they DO still love one another and that they want to try to work through the darkest hour of their relationship. Especially because we're talking about a couple that is already up against two major challenges: They're young, and they're famous!

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Okay, so, maybe Rob's family and friends won't be thrilled with him for taking her back, and there's always the possibility that she could hurt him again (or vice-versa). But, at the very least, good on them for taking their love seriously enough to attempt to rebuild their relationship. And hey, if they do ever get hitched one day, they'll already have more than a clue about what it actually takes to make a marriage last. 

Do you admire these two for "working it out"?

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Paula550 Paula550

glad they are talking it out, people, friends and family should leave them alone. he is 26 and her 22, they are old enough to deal with their own issues without family and friends making their decisions. we all get hurt in life and hopefully we all learn from our mistakes. if they do make their relationship work, it will become stronger, for they both will realize how it felt to be without the other. if i were them and the magazines that talked ill of them i would give them no more interviews, shut them off and let them continue to make up their stories that almost destroyed to young lovers.

nonmember avatar Yvette

They have publicity contracts to uphold. The last movie of the Twilight series is coming out in November. They have to go around the world to promote it. They have to "make-up". All the angry, hurt fans that turned against Stewart need to find in their heart to forgive her just as Pattinson has. This is Hollywood...

Lourdes Najera

I am glad they are back together and working it out. If indeed it was not a PR thing they should consider getting couples counseling.

Sarah Holliday

The one thing that I have to say is that it is done and over with...let them be and let them be happy if they get married be happy for them....

nonmember avatar Tammie

They are precious together they belong together ...if they truly love one another u can work anything out. That's what being in love is all about u work threw the good the bad.There will be obstacle that are always thrown ur way

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