6 Ways to Celebrate Kristen & Rob's Joyful Miracle Post-Cheating Reunion

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You guys, it's happening: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting back together according to everyone. And by everyone we mean People, Us Weekly, E! Online, even CBS News! (Um, CBS, isn't there an election or something you should be covering instead?) It's looking more and more certain that we have our Robsten back.

It's like Christmas in September! The clouds parting in the middle of a rainstorm and a rainbow stretches across the sky. Birds are singing. There's a spring in your step. Everyone throw glitter and don vampire costumes. It's time to celebrate the reunion of KStew and RPattz: 2gether 4ever!

  1. Throw a Twilight movies marathon party. Even if it's a party for one, just you and the DVD player, some Haagen-Dazs, watching the entire series, back to back. Swoon.
  2. You know all those Twilight Saga posters of Bella and Edward you tore in half this summer in a tearful rage of betrayal? Hope you kept them because now you can tape them back together. With glitter tape, obviously!
  3. It's still warm enough for a bonfire, right? Let's burn anything and everything that even remotely reminds us of the Rupert Sanders incident/affair: Your copy of Snow White and the Huntsman, your LA Dodgers hat, your Rupert voodoo doll, your bow and arrow set from when you were 12, your Mini-Cooper. Wait, no -- not your car!!!
  4. Light a Twilight candle in every single room. And pack your lunch in a Twilight lunchbox every single day. And start wearing fake vampire teeth from now until the premiere of Breaking Dawn 2.
  5. Reenact the Robsten reconciliation scene with dolls -- on video! Be sure to play Christina Perri's single "A Thousand Years" (from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack) in the background because Rob and Kristen will last a thousand years.
  6. NOW you can get that Kristen Stewart + Robert Pattinson Forever heart tattoo you've always wanted!

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