Lindsay Lohan Is Easy Money for a Con Man & It's Her Own Fault (VIDEO)


liloFirst the good news: The pedestrian who Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit with her Porsche this morning may not be as badly injured as he claims. Yes, the guy reportedly was hospitalized after the incident, but TMZ has learned that video surveillance of the entire crash and the aftermath may actually help LiLo's case. 

Now here's the bad news: This is probably just the beginning of more headline grabbing troubles for the star and here's why.

Her boozy, troubled, scandal-plagued past has made her the perfect target for fake charges and con men looking for a big pay day. According to TMZ, the footage taken outside of New York City's Dream Hotel shows Lindsay's car moving very, very slowly. As it gets close to the pedestrian walkway, it's unclear if her vehicle even made contact with her alleged victim. In fact, sources told TMZ a detective that viewed the tape felt that she just "grazed" the back of the guy's leg and the other cop didn't think she bumped him AT ALL. The beleaguered star told friends she didn't even know she hit someone. Now it's rumored that perhaps she didn't.

Even before this, a sketchy patteren had emerged when it came to accusing Lindsay of crimes. Just a few weeks back she was implicated in a jewelry theft. She became a suspect after $100,000 in watches and accessories were snatched from a Hollywood Hills home where she had partied. Apparently there were witnesses who said they saw her and her assistant allegedly commit the crime. She was saved when the owner of the house later recanted his claim, saying nothing was taken after all.

Underneath all of these scandalous headlines, isn't it possible that Lindsay is really on the right track? Perhaps she is sincerely trying to get her life together, but her past keeps getting in the way. Either way, I doubt this will be the last time she is accused of something.

Do you think Lindsay is the target of scammers?



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cmjaz cmjaz

Well gee..if she could stop going to parties and bars, she wouldn't have worry about this stuff. But noooo...she just has to party so its her own damn fault that she gets caught up in this.

DebaLa DebaLa

"isn't it possible that Lindsay is really on the right track?"

You're as loopy as her mother.

And don't forget about her unpaid hotel bill of $50,000, some of which is a large mini-bar tab.

Nellie Athome

So cmjaz, you are saying that because she made mistakes in the past that Lindsay should never go to a party again for the rest of her life?

And DebaLa - the hotel bill was supposedly being picked up by the production company of the movie Lindsay was acting in so why would she worry about paying it? Or be blamed if it was not paid.

Lindsay had problems that she is trying to get past but hateful people like you, who are likely just jealous of her, deem her guilty without a thought no matter what. I pity you two

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