Donald Trump Says Kate Middleton Is to Blame for Topless Pics

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It's clear that Donald Trump doesn't have one ounce of sympathy for the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is in the midst of a mortifying topless photos scandal and the billionaire businessman says the royal mess is all her own fault.

Forget the fact that the pics of the new bride sunbathing were taken from far away and without her knowledge. His recent -- and surprisingly nasty -- tweets proved that The Donald doesn't care about Kate's privacy.

The Apprentice star posted September 17:donald trump tweetIncredulous right? Oh, but there's more. He went on to write,

donald trump tweet Real nice Donald. Let's blame the victim. Kate was on vacation with her husband, at a private residence. She wasn't parading around some public beach in the buff. That photographer and that French magazine that published the pictures had no right to invade her privacy like that.

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According to this logic, we should blame kidnap/ransom victims for being too rich or mugging victims for carrying too nice of a purse. I wonder if Donald would have displayed the same pursed-lipped arrogance if it had been one of his daughters?

Do you think Donald is right -- is Kate at fault for the topless photos?

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Brittany Renee Spradlin

He is a twat! It's not like the girl was walking around in public flashing her boobs. She was on a private vacation with her husband! PRIVATE. Nobody and no one had the right to take those photos and especially no right to sell them. I hope they figure out who did it and they are punished. Just because they are famous doesn't mean they should not be allowed to do what most other "normal" couples do.


Lisa Stitzel Brown

I'm wondering who asked Donald in the first place?  And who really cares what he thinks?

Trist... TristansMom92

No matter who you are, you have a right to privacy. Donald doesn't see that because NO ONE wants to see him doing anything, especially with his clothes off.

pupuk... pupukeawahine

Ha! Or his big bald head without the comb-over!

Thamsanqa Moyo

Come on Donald Grow up....

Lauren Mausshardt

I find this funny, it's totally ok if say britney spears is taking a shower in her private house and some paparazzi takes a picture with a telephoto lense thru the bathroom window with a filmy curtain but not Kate? Or what about all the celebrity weddings that are on private property and helicopters fly in the get a picture...No celebrity or public figure has any privacy and if it isn't right to take a picture of kate in privacy then it isn't right to take a picture of anyone else either. I've seen pictures of celebrities topless in the middle of the ocean on a freaking boat how is that any less of a breach of privacy.


Wazir Nurani

I don't always agree with the Donald, but he has expressed my exact feelings about this. She's a celebrity. She KNOWS the paparazzi stalk her. So what does she do? SHE GOES NAKED OUTSIDE! And don't tell me it's a private residence. If you can see the sky, the sky can see you.

Why the frig do these ultra-affluent celebutantes always have to lounge around naked anyway? Closets filled with expensive clothing and they can't find something comfortable to wear? Put on an effin' robe and get over yourself!

Crystal Cibrian

Donald is such a douche bag that always has something to say what tell they catch up with him during a private moment

twili... twilightsbella

I agree with donald. I dnt feel sorry for kate one bit. She knws there always being watched so why take that chance

DebaLa DebaLa

Who keeps giving Donald the mic!? I don't care what his inflated comb-over thinks!

And, 'nudity' in Europe is not the same thing as nudity in the US. We're the moralizers. This is an issue of privacy for them, and Wm specifically because of the paps stalking his mom, not so much that Kate was sunning topless. The use of the high-powered telephoto lens is clear evidence of intending to view what was meant to be private. France's laws are clear about that. 

I'm glad they're pursuing this to the legal limit. It wouldn't be long before another Diana tragedy would happen.

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