Donald Trump Says Kate Middleton Is to Blame for Topless Pics

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It's clear that Donald Trump doesn't have one ounce of sympathy for the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is in the midst of a mortifying topless photos scandal and the billionaire businessman says the royal mess is all her own fault.

Forget the fact that the pics of the new bride sunbathing were taken from far away and without her knowledge. His recent -- and surprisingly nasty -- tweets proved that The Donald doesn't care about Kate's privacy.

The Apprentice star posted September 17:donald trump tweetIncredulous right? Oh, but there's more. He went on to write,

donald trump tweet Real nice Donald. Let's blame the victim. Kate was on vacation with her husband, at a private residence. She wasn't parading around some public beach in the buff. That photographer and that French magazine that published the pictures had no right to invade her privacy like that.

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According to this logic, we should blame kidnap/ransom victims for being too rich or mugging victims for carrying too nice of a purse. I wonder if Donald would have displayed the same pursed-lipped arrogance if it had been one of his daughters?

Do you think Donald is right -- is Kate at fault for the topless photos?

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nonmember avatar Realist

I normally am not a fan of this man.. but I cant disagree. YOU KNOW you are walking gold for paparazzi, and you go ahead and walk around half naked out doors. Sorry cant disagree here... yes she "should" havea right to her privacy etc but she knew she forfeited that the day she got involved with Princes William.

Torra... TorranceMom

I agree with The Donald and Realist.

nonmember avatar Misty

Donald is right, she had the paparazzi on her like white on rice since the day her name has been linked with her hubby, she should have known better. It would be different if they had photographed her in her bedroom or bathroom. Everywhere else is fair game. :)

bills... billsfan1104

Although I believe she has the right to her privacy and these pictures should of not been taken, I think she needs to be a little more careful.

nonmember avatar Happydad

All I can say for the Dutchess is 'Duh'! You prance around outside with your boobs on display and some takes a pic.....FROM THE ROADWAY no less!! If you are outside and in some form of undress, how can you possibly be surprised when those photos show up!

Rebec... Rebecca7708

He kinda has a point. He could have expressed it in less of a douche-like manner but, he's not completely wrong.

nonmember avatar Geoff

I think Donald Trump is an ass.

nonmember avatar MO Mom


mompam mompam

I kind of agree with him. That's the first thing I thought. I never walk around my property without my top on.

Andrea Byrd Plate

I'm not a fan of the Donald, but he's right in this case-she's been followed by the paps for years, so obviously she knows photos of her are worth a lot.  It would be one thing if she was walking around her bedroom with her top off and they took pictures through the window, but she was outside on a balcony that could be seen from a road.

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