Mila Kunis Has Serious Competition for Ashton Kutcher's Attention

mila kunis ashton kutcher on 'that 70s show'
Good thing there were no smartphones in the '70s!
, look, you guys! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis aren't slinking around, ducking and hiding their love anymore. They were strollin' around NYC recently, out in full view of the public and paparazzi. And no doubts about it -- Jackie and Kelso are totally in love IRL. Not only did they get snapped looking like they just rolled out of bed together, with Mila in sweats and Ashton in jeans with a flannel tied around his waist a la Eddie Vedder in 1991, but they were also holding hands and OMG -- making out! In Central Park! Total PDA!

From where we're sitting, it's apparent that Mila is majorly into Ashton, moving in for kisses and leaning on his chest, but a couple of the pics look like something a body language expert would have a field day with! Because Ashton's got one eye keenly trained on his damn phone. WTH?!


If I were Mila, I would be beyond P.O.'ed about that. Yes, okay, so Ashton basically has a second career as a social media/techy guru, and I'm sure there isn't one nanosecond in the day when his Twitter account isn't blowing up, but give me a break. There's no way you can enjoy an intimate moment with your sweetiepie if you're glued to your freakin' smartphone.

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It kills me to see couples whip 'em out and stick their noses in them while they're out for a perfectly lovely dinner. My fiance and I have started trying to make a habit of turning ours off -- or even leaving them at home, whoa! -- when we have a date night. We figure, what's the point of putting on pretty clothes and paying $20+ a plate if you're going to be scrolling through your texts just as you would in your PJs?

Yeah, okay, there are occasionally times when you can't help it. When work calls -- literally. But when technology becomes a third wheel in the relationship ... That's when you have to worry that it could permanently kill the romance.

And with Ashton's track record being what it is, Mila has even more to worry about. After all, where he's concerned, that may very well NOT be work calling, texting, or tweeting. It could be a booty call!

Do you agree smartphones can be a romance killer? Do you and your S.O. try to keep your phones at bay when you're enjoying your time together?

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