Kristen Stewart Finally Feels Guilty About the Right Thing

kristen stewartThe last thing that seems to be torturing Kristen Stewart about her affair indiscretion (whatever you want to call it) with Rupert Sanders is the way it hurt his kids. A source tells tabloid Closer, "She feels like the scarlet woman and says she can't forgive herself for hurting Rupert's children. She's said she doesn't care about her career taking a hit, but was crying, saying: 'Those poor kids. I never meant to hurt them.'"

Well wow, it's about time Kristen starts thinking about the real victims in this whole debacle! That's the only thing about this whole story that truly bothers me. I don't care all that much if she cheated on Robert. He's a grownup who can take it. He'll be okay. Much worse than that is the way the scandal broke up a family. And supposing this is really how Kristen feels, I think it's the most mature and thoughtful we've ever seen her. But she shouldn't take all the blame.


It takes two to tango inside a car. And I still say Kristen was young and naive -- relative to Rupert. He's a much older man, a father with real responsibilities. We'll never know who initiated what, but he should have stopped it. He had WAY more at stake than Kristen did. He had his children to protect.

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Now his former wife and his kids are living across the ocean. I know Liberty is surrounded by friends and family in London, but those kids need a father, too. The way Liberty tells it, he wasn't around much while he was filming. But that's still better than living a whole continent away. Not to mention the trauma kids experience after a divorce.

But back to Kristen -- if nothing else, I hope this was a big, eye-opening experience for her about the real-life consequences her actions can have. There is nothing she can do about it now. But I'll bet she'll never forget Rupert's kids and the role she played in totally changing their family.

Do you think Kristen sincerely feels guilty about Rupert Sanders' kids?


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