'50 Shades of Grey' Author Talks Movie Cast & She's Already Picked Her Christian & Ana

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E L JamesShe obviously has a strong opinion on who should be given the leading roles in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and it's getting harder and harder for author E. L. James to stay quiet as far as movie casting rumors go.

She's remained fairly tight-lipped so far as to who will snag what will probably turn out to be the biggest movie roles of 2013 -- but from clues she gave in an interview with Katie Couric, it sounds like E. L. James has already chosen her perfect Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele.

So, who did she name?!?

Well, apparently she has three actors in mind for Christian's role, and four actresses in mind to play Ana.

(That's ALL she was willing to give us? Gah!)

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Ok, if that's all she's giving up, let's see what we can do with the clues. There have already been so many names floating around as to who should take on the roles of Ana and Christian, so it would be kind of a shock if her picks don't fall within the realm of those who have already been mentioned.

Based on her husband's little slip on Ryan Gosling being cast as Christian, I'd say he's on the list for sure. And considering she based Christian's character on Robert Pattinson -- his name has to be running through her mind as well. As for her third pick? My gut tells me it's likely either Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard.

Moving on to Anastasia Steele -- Shailene Woodley's name has been brought up by E. L. James herself, and I guess we have to throw Kristen Stewart into the mix since Fifty Shades of Grey is based on Twilight. That leaves two more spots for her Ana favorites, which most likely go to either Lucy Hale, Alexis Bledel, or Emma Watson. (But for the sake of Harry Potter fans, let's hope Hermione stays innocent.)

Who else do you think E. L. James might choose to play Christian and Ana?


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nonmember avatar sammii507


nonmember avatar Kayla

I googled Rooney Mara(Dragon Tattoo) and I totally agree that she would be perfect!!!!! Thats how I picture ana in 50 :)

Becky Jackson

Ian Somerhalder of course for Christian, and Amanda Seyfried(with brown hair) for Ana!!! I would like to see that and I think she could Totally pull it off!!!

Jasmin Waisburd

Emma Stone does not have the look for Ana AT ALL! I'd absolutely LOVE to see Lucy Hale and Ian Somerhalder...they have the perfect looks!

lasombrs lasombrs

I am still all team Ian

and if Rob and Kristin get cast it will be a flop :/ I doubt they would have good chemistry after all that has been going on and we don't want another twilight flim even if its based of it

Terrie Lohrey Taylor

I've said it and said it.... the one and only person to play Christian Grey is Matt Bommer.  He has the looks, the hair, the body, everything!   He's a classy guy!   And, Alexis Bledel should play Ana!  I'm crossing my fingers that E.L. James has watched some of the fan made movie trailers and see's how good Matt would be for the part of Christian.

Mari Tan

No Ryan Gosling for me, don't think he has the right face.

Carrie Carter

Robert Pattinson as Christian and of course Kristen Stewart as Ana makes perfect sense to me! I think it would be a lovely movie then cant wait......

AirAura AirAura

Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill for CG and Alexis Bledel for Ana.  Ian Somerhalder's eyes are too close together and it drives me insane. 

nonmember avatar Krystal

Ryan looks to old to be Christian. As for Robert, I am a huge fan, so most people know where I stand with him :) Ian would make a GREAT Christian, he has it in his face and eyes, bad boy type. As for Alexander, I just don't think that he would make a good Christian. Now, Ana. . . Shailene, is young and I believe could have a shot at Ana, she kinda reminds me of Ana from the book. Kristen, of course would have to be played with Robert. Huge fan of Kristen as well. Just because of Twilight, but I honestly wouldn't want to see them play these roles together because of Twilight. I don't think Robert or Kristen wouldn't make a Christian and Ana. Lucy would make a Great Ana too, I believe. Her lips could be perfect from where Ana always bites her lip. Alexis could make a great Ana, he dark hair and her blue eyes and her lips. Emma, Not Ana. I am very excited and ready to find out who will play the parts. I'm ready for the movie, the longer the wait to make the cast, the longer the wait to see the movie. Hurry up already!

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